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Your Dollar Store Business Can Be a Million Dollar Business

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Author: Bob Hamilton

Opening a dollar store business offers great potential for success in today's economic environment. Customers keep coming back to dollar stores because of the convenience and great prices that these stores provide. This is one of the reasons more and more entrepreneurs venture into the dollar store world. Yet it is important to focus on developing and maintaining a customer service focused environment to keep shoppers returning.

In order to create a customer friendly shopping experience, the store must be consistent in implementing rules on how each employee can contribute to success. After all providing outstanding customer service starts with a strong set of rules, guidelines and expectations for all employees to follow. The set of rules must center on how to interact and address the customers who enter the store.

Here are some tips about creating a strong foundation for the employees of your dollar store business to follow:

Before anything else, the rule must state the main objective which is to have a customer focused environment. In every provision in the guideline, it is the customer's satisfaction that must be looked after first and foremost.

The time when these rules will be applied must be contained in the guidelines. It must state that the rules need to be strictly followed once the store is open for business and every time there is a customer interaction.

The place where the rule takes effect is necessary too. For example, it must be applied once the employee reaches the work premises and starts the assigned work shift. It doesn't matter what the start time, if the employee is working, providing outstanding customer service is expected. As a representative of your business it is of the utmost importance for employees to show respect and provide a warm, welcoming environment for all customers.

4. HOW
Stating how to achieve the objective of creating a customer focused environment is a must. Formulating an easy to remember campaign call is one way to help the employees remember this objective. An example of this campaign is SHOP which can stand for Smile, Help, Offer and Prompt.

Creating a strong foundation when starting a dollar store business begins by establishing a sturdy set of rules, guidelines and procedures for your employees to follow. In this kind of business, the saying "Customer is King" definitely applies. It is their satisfaction that always matters. It is satisfaction that will keep them coming back for more. Achieve that satisfaction by providing outstanding customer service every visit.

To your dollar store success!

About the author: Learn how you can Start your own Dollar Store Business at Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur, author, writer, business consultant and trainer.

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