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Author: Gene Simmons

Do you ever have "wow" moments? You know, those times when your little brain just lights up and sort of quivers from something you've just seen or heard or thought about? I seem to do that a lot. I don't know why. I just do. And it feels good.

Like this morning. I was sitting on the couch enjoying my second cup of coffee (it usually takes at least two cups before I can even consider being semi-functional) when I decided to reach back into the old memory bank and do a review of file ACD-22-46857-36-BBA-57.2941. That's the BFS (Brain Filing System) designation for the "I'm Alive" file. Well as it turned out, I accessed the sub-category BBQ file designated "Memory - Steak Sacrifice - 7-14-73" which wasn't all that pleasant to recall primarily because in the process of charcoaling the steaks, I tipped over the barbeque and caught the lounge chair on fire. It wasn't a good experience. I wish I wouldn't have accessed that one.

After making a minor correction to the file designation, I was able to retrieve the one I was hoping for. I also decided to bring up the associated files on "Awe", "Amazement" and "Thanksgiving". It seemed to be a logical package to me.

I like to review this file periodically. It has never failed to give me a pronounced case of brain quivers. Here's why. First, I find it absolutely incomprehensible that I could exist as a living, breathing, semi-functional animal-type organism. I'm alive - right here, right now - on this insignificant planet we call earth. I think about how I started out as a single cell - a tiny speck you can't even see - and grew all of the other jillion cells and body parts out of that. I am. WOW!

As a result, I can eat, think, stand, scratch an itch and do thousands of things even the best and most complicated computers can't do. I can communicate with other creatures like myself - sometimes with even an acceptable level of mutual understanding (teenagers excepted). I can see, hear, taste, smell and feel. OK, so I don't do any of that as well as I used to but what the heck, I'm starting to wear out a bit. Oh yeah, we do that too, don't we? Wear out, that is. And then someday I won't be here any more. This old bod will revert back to its basic molecules.

Gosh. I wasn't here for a long, long time. Now I am for just a short time. Then - I won't be again. WOW! Brain quiver!

Since I'm only gonna be here for a short time, I wonder if there isn't something I should be doing to sort of say "Thanks" and make a little contribution to this neat world I live in. I know. Maybe I could write a short article about being alive. Yeah. I'll do that. I think I'll title it "WOW". Now if I could just think of a way to start it outů

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Gene Simmons, through, provides an easy reading self-help blog, articles, quotations, thoughts and links along with affordable self-help and self improvement books & materials - all designed to help folks find the road to a more enjoyable lifestyle, to pass on some of life's "secrets for survival" in a chaotic world & offer a few smiles along the way. It's a down-to-earth, simple approach to discovering a better life. You can visit Gene at

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