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WorldArt Glass.Com - The Evolution

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Author: William Geary

The information directory has evolved into a one stop resource for data on most aspects of historic and contemporary art glass. We currently have over 2700 sites listed for the visitor to review. There are currently over 700 visitors to the site on a daily basis with more and more visitors coming to our location from around the world.

The world of art glass is composed of many elements related to designing, creating, marketing, selling, displaying, collecting and reselling glass forms in this wonderful art medium. We continuously search for new and interesting sites pertaining to this wonderful medium.

Our organization is composed of four individuals who have a passion for art glass in its many forms. We have written a book about art glass, been a certified appraiser of glass, presented speeches on American and Swedish art glass, acted as a retailer of art and functional glass, managed major crystal work´s galleries in New York and Sweden, promoted art glass from the Nordic region and have collected all forms of art glass.

Our love of art glass and the many ways it has been used throughout history sent us to the internet. There were high hopes of discovering new and untapped resources to further enhance our appreciation and knowledge of art glass. We hoped there would be one website directory pointing us in the right direction to find art glass, glass artists, dealers, museums, etc.

We searched for the one site where most aspects of historic and contemporary art glass could be located without having to go through an unusual number of searches. Since this type of site could not be found, we decided to create www. The focus is to present a compact list of sites for use by collectors, glass students, designers, artisans, artists, educators, gallery owners, dealers, museum directors, authors and travelers and tourists.

The site has evolved to contain the following categories with a total of over 2700 specific sites.

Art Glass Studios Museums Galleries Retailers of craft products Glassworks Glass organizations Glass equipment Glass schools Glass publications Glass information Engravers Auction Houses Glass Fairs and Events Antique dealers Professional services.

Sites, written in English, are presented from around the world including North and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Yahoo maps are available for sites located within the United States.

The site allows collectors to search galleries, glass artists, glassworks, publications, auctions, and more.

Studio glass artists can review various galleries, equipment and glass manufactures, information on techniques, retailers, etc.

Gallery owners have the opportunity to see the work of glass artists from around their area, country or the world.

Antique dealers can search auctions, information, museums, fellow dealer´s sites, museum collections and many other sites of interest.

Tourists can locate art glass related entities in a specific geographic area and obtain maps of locations in the United States.

Join us in our search to learn more and more about this amazing material which can be formed into so many sculptural, functional, decorative and useful forms.

About the author: William Geary

William Geary is a glass appraiser, author, designer and speaker on Scandinavian, European and American studio art glass.

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