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Windows Web Hosting: Why Go There?

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Author: Danny Higson

I work in the IT field over the last six years. I've always been confused about web hosting, especially on the types of hosting. This always used to confuse me, what is the best Linux or Windows?

My curiosity led me to research the advantages and disadvantages of both types of hosting. What I felt is that everyone is still surrounded by this discussion. While a large majority supports Windows hosting, there are not many people who find the best Linux Hosting.

The two platforms have different characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. So I think that rather than enter the debate, it is preferable to discuss their benefits. So that it can help someone understand, one of which is adapted to its needs?

I look forward to discussing these platforms with you all, but here I will discuss only Windows hosting. I'll talk about Linux Hosting in my next article.

Here I am with, what I gathered from online resources and reliable.

Advantages of Windows Hosting:

Compatibility with Microsoft applications - Windows is owned by Microsoft commercial, so the main source of energy is compatible with Microsoft applications and software. For this reason, it becomes easier for webmasters to develop web sites on the Internet is fast and interactive as well.

Less complex - Windows Hosting is based on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008 that offers several features to help you better manage your website. These systems are based on Microsoft Windows NT so that they provide reliable end to end management of servers. This makes Windows hosting less complicated.

Enormous power - Windows Hosting provides enhanced security features. It actually provides innovative applications that are needed for your website and its user interface is suitable not only for beginners, but for more experienced users too. The user interface combines the Web development environment where. Net Framework and other Microsoft technologies can be deployed to create dynamic web pages and applications. Whatever the power and functionality that you receive can not be compared.

A wide ranging support - In addition to compatibility with Microsoft products, this platform also works well with open source technologies such as Perl, PHP and MySQL. Support is another important factor because of which Windows hosting was becoming so popular. The component that is built from the IIS to SQL server, they are all compatible. For example, a website that runs on UNIX system can easily be hosted by a server based on Windows, but a website that runs on Windows server can not function properly on a UNIX base.

Surprisingly effective cost - Windows reseller hosting offers a great advantage with all in one hosting solution, for all resellers. This means a dealer needs not to keep multiple accounts to multiple users. The dealer can handle all of its customers through a single control panel. In this way, it saves time and money at times. This feature allows Windows hosting surprisingly effective cost.

Another thing is that windows hosting has always been more expensive than Linux because of licensing fees for proprietary software that Windows supports. But until someone needs to have his own server, Windows hosting can be as cheap as Linux hosting.

I know that if we go into the technical discussion, it will be very long. However, I feel that these points will help you to make the image of the benefits of Windows hosting, in your mind.

About the author: Danny Higson is the content writer for New York based Web Hosting Company. This company has been providing its services, all over the world, for last 14 years.

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