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Why Collagen Moisturizer is a Waste of Money

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Author: Therese Higgins

I am just fed up! The latest (and very successful) ploy that cosmetic companies are using to separate consumers from their money is to attach the word, "collagen" to any and every product that they manufacture. Make no mistake about it. Collagen is a powerful substance when it comes to maintaining smooth, firm, youthful skin. But when it comes to skin care products that contain this substance, such as collagen moisturizer, there is a major problem that makes these products a waste of money. Let me explain.

The human body possesses a powerful, natural ability to heal itself. One of the tools that contributes to this healing ability is the complex protein, collagen. When the body is producing this substance in normal, healthy quantities, the skin is firm and smooth, bones are strong and joints move easily and don't get stiff.

Given the healing potential of this protein, its easy to understand why science would try to replicate this substance for use in all kinds of skincare and healthcare products. But science is no match for Nature. While these scientists have slaved away in their labs to duplicate the collagen protein, their efforts have fallen short. Oh, don't get me wrong. They have produced a cosmetic version of the collagen protein. But their man-made substance is clumsy, ineffective version of the real thing.

Take collagen moisturizer, for example. The molecules that make up the artificial collagen contained in this product, are too large to penetrate the layers of the skin. These molecules are also too large to be utilized by the skin cells...the place where they are needed most.

Another serious problem associated with collagen moisturizer products, is that they are primarily made from synthetic chemicals like mineral oil, paraben, dioxane and fragrances. These chemicals do nothing to support the healing ability of the skin. In fact, long term exposure to these chemicals poses a serious health risk.

In my way of thinking, these two problems totally defeat the purpose of a true collagen moisturizer, which is to soothe, heal, moisturize and support the health of the skin.

But if these so-called collagen products are a waste of money, how do you find a worthwhile alternative? Well, if you know what to look for, it's easy.

You see, your skin was designed by Nature, thereby making it "natural." I'm not trying to be a smart aleck. I'm just trying to point out that "natural" substances are the most likely candidates for being compatible with the skin.

Cosmetic companies that are focusing on the research, development and testing of nature-based ingredients are achieving dramatic results in healthy, anti-aging skin care. Their clinical results have proven that bio-active ingredients are the most molecularly compatible with human skin.

This means easy absorption and penetration into the skin cells, where their powerful nutrient properties fortify and stimulate healthy skin cell function. The result is reactivation of natural collagen production.

And when it comes to moisturizers, they are developing products with plant-based oils and emollients like avocado and macadamia nut oil.

In addition to being deeply hydrating, these two oils have been found to be powerful anti-oxidants, brimming with high levels of chlorophyll, vitamin E and omegas 3 and 9 to improve the health and vitality of your skin. In clinical trials, avocado oil has been shown to stimulate collagen production and increase the proportion of soluble collagen in the dermis of your skin.

Now that's what I call a collagen moisturizer!

So do yourself a favor and stop chasing after useless products like collagen moisturizer. Your best bet for achieving true anti-aging results is to look for products that contain high concentrations of bio-active ingredients that are backed up by clinical test results. I've compiled a list of some of the more powerful nature-based substances which you can read about at my website.

About the author: This article was written by dedicated skin care researcher, Therese Higgins, who says,"Knowledge is power. Learn how to identify the nature-based substances that stimulate collagen and moisturize your skin. You will find them at

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