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Why California Singles Need to Fall in Love

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Author: Francis K. Githinji

If you have been aimlessly or unsuccessfully searching for a single and all of a sudden you find out you have been heading nowhere, it's time you started making the best out of your time and change harmful things in your life that might be losing ample dating chances by not being realistic with what you are doing. Firstly, if you want a California single to be attracted to you, presence is everything.


Being present just means you make yourself conspicuous. People are staying indoors for long and expecting to meet many singles and start relationships. You can as well as start forgetting it. If you are not within the proximity of other singles, there is no chance they will even realize you are. So meet singles and start living again. You can stop wearing colorless clothes like a spy gent or a secret agent. You really need around and visible. You can overhaul your wardrobe and make the clothes a bit stylish, use a good perfume or cologne and perfect shoes. The transformation will be noticed and you will have people in your life more than you ever had.


This is the undoing of many a man. A California single that is a man and searching for single women must be confident. Women want a confident man who can take control of situations, start living again. If you have not been dating often, this can be one of your setbacks, but you need to restart again, this time learning the basics of confidence. Confidence borders arrogance but don't go overboard, since you might find yourself on the wrong path. There is nothing like being in control and seeing what will happen. Watch those people in your life who practice confidence and learn from them. Movies such as the Bond classics are a good lesson in confidence. Women, might not tell you but for you as a California single man to reach them, you need a dose of sheer confidence.

Read Between the Lines

There are times we meet singles in everyday interaction and fail to read the need and want in their actions to reach unto them. A woman might be interested in you and since she might not be confident in telling you so, you find yourself failing to make the most out of her plea within her actions. Look at her eyes and how they seem to dance in endearment when you are around. Listen to her voice as she talks and as she responds to your greetings. Sometimes, they also call for a crazy reason just to tell you how indirectly they need to know you.


A California single must try to give a feedback for a relationship to begin. Remember when that girl in the elevator commented something directly at you, and you failed take the hint? It is the essence of returning a comment if you want to make the most of your dating chances. Once they tell you something, every single man or woman needs you to reciprocate with an action, which might go a long way to making you feel nice and wanted. It's the beginning of any relationship

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