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Why Bariatric Surgery Isnít An Easy Option And Is A Commitment For Life

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Author: Daniel Harris

Surgery for obesity has been shown to greatly improve health. Research has show that keyhole operations such as the gastric bypass, actually cures type II diabetes as well as liberating the body from the excess fat.

So is it as good as it looks? Is it an easy option and what is the commitment that patients have to give?

"Weight loss surgery is absolutely not an easy option" says specialist bariatric surgeon for Streamline Surgical Guy Slater. "These operations have risks, albeit small, and should only be offered after patients fully understand the implications of the surgery and lifestyle changes they will have to make. Any type of weight loss surgery will change a patient's life and to really make the surgery work patients have to commit to working with their operation for life.

They must eat a balanced diet and significantly reduce foods high in fat and sugar. Sugary drinks and junk food will lead to weight-gain-even after a laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery. In addition, they need to commit to taking multivitamins for life and some may also need quarterly blood tests and injections of vitamin B12. There is a common misconception that patients that have a gastric bypass or gastric band surgery have all their problems solved with one operation and that surgery is an easy way out. This is in no way correct. Patients need to understand that their surgery will be with them for life, and as well as adapting physically, mental adjustments are also needed."

His colleague, specialist obesity surgeon Shaw Somers, agrees: "These operations can really improve health but having an operation without making changes is like buying a performance car then filling it with bad fuel and avoiding the service appointment! Patients need to look after their new bodies to get the best outcomes."

Ann (52) had a keyhole gastric band fitted by Shaw Somers and went on to lose 8 stones:

"I chose my surgeon and his team because the aftercare they offered was seen as essential and included in the package price. I'd seen friends go to Belgium for budget operations but they tried to save money on aftercare and, without having the bands tightened, they just didn't lose weight. I knew that I would have to change my food choices and not live on soft high calorie foods. Gastric bands just don't work without being properly adjusted. If you can't be bothered with the aftercare or lifelong commitment then, my advice is, you're not ready for the operation."

For many people life will change dramatically after surgery. Adjusting to how people perceive you, finding a new more confident self and dealing with the reactions of close friends and family are things that most weight loss surgery patients will experience. Some may need plastic surgery to remove excess skin. Luckily, Streamline Surgical have a multi disciplinary team that offer support every step of the way. Whether you need to speak to a nurse, GP, psychologist or dietitian, the team is always on hand to support and offer guidance.

Successful bariatric surgery patients understand the need to make changes and see the operations as the beginning of a journey rather than a single event.

About the author: At Streamline Surgical we offer a group of bariatric specialists for gastric band and bypass surgery providing the best care for our patients.The most common obesity surgery is gastric band and bypass done by our experienced Bariatric Surgeons.

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