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Who Is Bob Miller?

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Author: Nick Carter

"I don't hate predators. If there weren't hawks in this country, those in other countries would show up here. Do not misinterpret "Hawk" to mean I approve of George W. Bush and Richard Cheney and their Hermann Goering protégés in the Pentagon. Bush is a mouth and a pen; he's in a different league altogether than his vice president. Cheney is a vulgar, immoral, sadistic subhuman."

It would be safe to say that Bob Miller doesn't like the Bush administration, nor does he take to kindly the war in Iraq. But why? A personal rift with the men at the top? Another rebel looking to make a name for himself by campaigning against authority? Or a talented author and political activist that gives his all for the chance to share his views and talk about what he perceives to be the 'evil' of the Bush family?

A loyal American citizen and Veteran of the Vietnam war, Bob Miller is also one of the country's leading authors, portraying both wit and humour amongst the most serious of all subject matter. In his latest book "Kill Me If You Can, You SOB", Bob draws on the entries he made in his diary during the height of the Vietnam war, expressing both comedy and horror in equal measure from the blindingly honest portrayal of military life at the time.

Having stood for the Senate back in 1992 as a Republican candidate, it's not as if Bob is leveraging Bush's foreign policy for political gain. More accurately Miller is determined to carry on his life's work in spreading the message of the evil and hatred propagated by the Bush regimes, and campaigning for an end to the aggressive foreign policy handling of the US authorities over the last half century.

Never afraid to speak his mind, Bob Miller has been made out to be a rebel and one of the more controversial modern writers, yet his aims are simple: to express his opinions about the underlying problems with the Bush administration, which in his eyes is driven by the greed and desire for personal wealth and power. Never has a writer crossed such difficult issues with the grace of Miller, avoiding political bias and focusing on the truth of the matter, particularly in "Kill Me If You Can".

Criticizing the Bush family and standing up against corruption since 1976, Bob Miller has been widely regarded as having extreme views on the war in Iraq, the real reasons behind the invasion and the link with 9/11, and was taken in for questioning by the US Secret Service back in 1990. Furthermore he has been slated in the media as a controversial figure for speaking the sometimes brutal truth about the current state of the American government. Yet unlike many of his peers Miller brings to the table an honesty and integrity that comes from first hand experience of the horrors of war and fighting for a thankless US government. Who is Bob Miller? You decide.

About the author: Nick Carter is a veteran who had served the US Marines. He have written articles on Vietnam war and against the wars forced by Americans. He is a great admirer of Bob Miller, America's most controversial writer and author of Kill Me If You Can, You SOB. For more visit and

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