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When Marketing on the Internet Tone Down the Hype

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Author: TJ Philpott

Marketing on the internet involves attracting people who have an interest in what you promote than 'persuading' them to purchase from you. Unfortunately however it is common for online marketers to adopt the tactics of used car salesman and this turns people off.

There are other more effective ways to deliver your marketing message online to people than to over hype products and services. Business advertising online is more of a process that involves both the marketing and branding of your products and company. In order to achieve any type of long term success online you need to accept that you must develop some type of credible reputation. This credibility translates into a trust customers will have for you. This trust will thereby give your marketing message more impact thus your results will be more lucrative.

Here are 5 promotional strategies all online marketers need to adopt or sometimes even avoid to develop a more deeply rooted and credible reputation.

'Offer' Solutions

Instead of 'smacking' people in the face with strong armed sales tactics try offering solutions to their problems or needs instead. This approach is more subtle and likely to get visitors more interested in what you have to say.

Avoid Scarcity or Time Limits

Do not use 'time limits' on the offer or scarcity claims to 'motivate' readers to take immediate action. This type of approach is transparent to many online viewers and only serves to drive them away.

Don't Shout

Using CAPS is shouting at your reader and may be viewed as offensive. Also be aware of using capital letters too often in your content since overuse will dilute their intended affect.

No 'Over the Top' Claims

Make 'thousands overnight guaranteed,' or 'lose 40 lbs' in one week is too transparent and viewed with little regard by many readers. Any pitch you make should be realistic and reasonable since readers will tend to believe it more.

Connect with Readers

Relate with people who read your copy. Be understanding of their frustration and needs and what it was that bought them to your page. Empathy goes a lot further than 'in your face' hype.

Marketing on the internet involves 'connecting' with prospective customers in a way that will increase your credibility and earn their trust. Business advertising online is a process of marketing and branding both your products and your company. The objective is to make this brand a positive one that gives customers a confidence and trust in you. Once this brand has been successfully achieved it gives any marketing message you deliver much more impact. The 5 promotional strategies we spoke of above are simply guidelines for developing a positive and credible reputation online. Once you have established yourself with customers in this way you will find your work not only more lucrative but more enjoyable as well.

About the author: TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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