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When Dieting Turns Into Eating Disorders

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Author: Westly Lager

Eating disorders are all to common, but why do they affect some people so severely where others have no problem with them at all? There is no direct cure or treatment for them that you can give to someone suffering from them so they will get better overnight. What people that have eating disorders don't realize is that not only are they doing something detrimental to themselves but they are also hurting those around them, such as their friends and family that have to see them go through it. It is very painful to watch someone you are close to, inflict harm on themselves and you feel there is nothing you can do about it.

Our society has seen a drastic increase in eating disorders and they are a very real and serious problem. This should not turn you off from dieting, just because you are on a diet does not mean you have an eating disorder. Most dieters have no problem dieting and do not become obsessive like those with disorders. The people that do develop eating disorders hurt themselves both physically and mentally even though they think they are achieving something better for themselves, such as a certain image that will make them more liked.

Most people a associate eating disorders with just people wanting to be thin and not eating to achieve that. This is not the whole picture of why people do this to themselves. It is often issues of low self esteem, trying to communicate how they feel subconsciously, being depressed, and the feelings of power they feel from that certain super model skinny image. The last reason is one of the biggest because our society has put so much emphasis on looking a certain way, like super models, that is virtually impossible for the majority of women, without surgery or extreme dieting. You see it everywhere around you including television, magazines, billboards and the clothes that are sold at malls. All the latest rages in diets and supplements also aid in making you feel like you are not perfect and you have to buy these products to look good. You family and friends also play a big part in these feelings because if everyone around you is fit and looks a certain way and you do not, it makes you feel like an outcast, and you must do anything to fit in. You see this a lot in sports such as gymnastics, ballet and figure skating.

Eating problems often develop when a person is going through a major change in their life, such as a death in the family, getting married, or going away to college. These situations and others similar can take you out of your comfort zone, so you fall back on something you can control about yourself. Once an eating disorder does take hold in someones life they can be very hard to cure and treat. Some of the common eating disorders are anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. The first two are made up of nearly 90-95% women but there is a small portion of men that fall into these disorders. If you feel you have one of these disorders it is very important to get professional help, because it will be a long journey until you are cured and you can not do it alone.

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