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When Did Pay Per View Become So Popular? Is The Descrambler To Blame....

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Author: Jacob Reynolds

There is a few things we must first comprehend before moving on to the ever so popular Pay Per View phenomenon. First of all, most people do not realize that without cable tv or satellite tv you cannot access Pay Per View broadcasts. So, furthermore, Pay Per View would not exist or even have a medium to be broadcast to the millions of viewers it does to this day without the foundation of a cable tv or satellite tv service provider. Some examples of leading cable tv service providers in the United States include WOW Cable Service, GTE Media, Cox, Charter, Time Warner, Cable Vision, Brighthouse, Comcast, Garden State Cable, Ameritech, AT&T U-Verse, Century, Suburban Cable, Prestige Cable, Bresnan, Cable One, Cablecomm, Classic Cable, Falcon Communications, Fanch, Communications, FrontierVision, Harron Communications, Helicon Corporation, Insight, Intermedia, Jones Intercable, Mediacom, MediaOne, Multimedia Cablevision, Prime Cable, RCN, Service Electric, Suburban Cable, Susque!

hanna, TCA Group, and Triax telecommunications to name only a few!

Without the medium and service that these companies provide, PPV (pay per view) would never reach your cable box , cable converter, decoder, or descrambler for that matter. Some of these companies started as far back as the 1970's under their current respective names. Pay Per View however didn't immediately become part of their cable tv service channel lineup until the late 70's to early 80's. This is also around the time that people were getting the word around about the infamous black box, or as some called it , the hot box. Just like Pay Per View was the hottest thing in town when an event came on that day or night, so was the neighbor with the black box, hot box, or descrambler. This is how the device or tv decoder became known as the hot box. It was so simple yet was the latest buzz in town and everyone knew where to go or who to talk to when the newest pay per view event was going to be on t.v. Some cable descrambler users would even charge a buck or two back in the da!

y because there were so many friends , family members, and friends of friends lining up out their door to catch the latest pay per view event unfold right there in that living room.

The latest pay per view event just unfolded, all the hype, action, excitement, along with everything else associated with itů.And what was it that caught so many viewers attention that just saw that event at the neighbors' or friends' house? That magic black box that later became known as a descrambler that everyone was buzzing about before and during that spectacular event. This resonated within the thoughts and ideas of everyone that had been over at the house of "that one guy that always has the pay per view fights". Next thing you know people were getting a cable descrambler of their own and along with the exponential growth of pay per view viewers cable the crazy popularity in owning a descrambler.

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About the author: I've been in the technology field of cable telecommunications for 15 years. My area of expertise was cable boxes also called a descrambler or cable descrambler. I later on graduated from U of A with a bachelors in Journalism.

I started out working the head end systems for cable operators and trouble shot many common issues with new technology as it was created and released for public use.

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