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When a Single Parent Begin Dating Again

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Author: Francis K. Githinji

The first thing that you should realize incase you are a single parent who have decided to venture into the word of dating is that, you are not venturing alone this time round. Your decision has repercussions on your children and you must be very careful in the way you handle the whole thing. Failure to have your children in mind as you start dating again is that they will eventually feel disappointed, hurt and angry. They have the idea that once you decide dating again you will devote all of your time on the other person and forget all about them. This is something that they might not say to you although it is very high in their minds.

Many single parents ignore this fact and just begin dating and bring a stranger to their home. Eventually, the children will become reserved and inwardly against the relationship, and the single parent might fail to read between the lines. This is a recipe for disaster and you must be very carefully not to ruin the life of your growing children. Start dating and involve them in a certain way, as you reassure them that you will always have time for them. The last thing that you want your children to feel is being rejected and abandoned.

It is also possible that once you have decided to begin dating, you might fail to plan and prepare yourself in advance prior to you entering into the singles zone, since you are overtly in fear of getting hurt and being rejected. Luck might be on your side and you could have mature children who understand the fact that you need to start dating since your divorce is long overdue, but the fear which is brought about by emotional and intimacy block might just hinder you from throwing yourself fully into the world of dating.

It is obvious that once your children have begun sailing through transition, their situation of living forces them to begin acting. The kind of transition that affects them include moving to different neighborhoods, novel dating partners that their parents have started dating, change of schools and also transition in the structure of the family. Children are usually affected by disruptions and any change within their family and also the type of structures of family they are exposed to.

There is hope though for the single parent inclined on dating again. Dating after one has had a divorce might render some negative impact upon the divorced kids, but not on all families. The children's age, personality traits, children's lifestyle, the manner in which the parents who have divorced handle their dating as well as the intricacies that the divorce had, are factors that have been playing an important role upon the dating effects.

The issue might be tough to make, and the best way is to seek outside help before you have committed yourself into dating again. You can visit a support group for divorced people or a divorce counselor.

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