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What's NeoBiz: And How Exactly Does It Get Me A Seventy Five Inch Plasma TV?

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Author: Kevin Browne

Okay,what's neoBiz? Show of hands, anyone know what that is?

A lot of people suddenly are asking themselves that very question. And apparently the buzz is somehow centered around Ohio where, many of those questions are about to be answered.

And where did a concept like it start?

It started as a collaborative business exchange that PUSHES content from those who know how to make more profits online to those who want to know!

A step back: for the vast majority of us, affiliate marketing is a gorgeous, precious gem that is available only to those internet marketers who revel in redirects, phantom web pages and cloaked this and cloaked that. (Sorry for the cynical tone, but come on, who's with me on that one?)

Create a product and let others go out and advertise it with their own money and then have everyone split the profits. Yes. That sounds wonderful...

Problem is there are too many hunters out there that have taken too much of the demand away.

Enter a new affiliate marketing program that pays THREE LEVELS DEEP in a compensation plan that simply begs to be shared...and it is sharing of great content that is the number one proponent of the site in first place.

World class marketing tools, world class content. That is what this Social Networking site is now providing.

Take the best parts of MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn and combine that with the things you adore about eBay and then chuck in what gets you jazzed about the locality of Craigslist and then you have but an inkling of what this is all about.

If you are serious about your business and want to launch it into new heights , then you need to know about the new ways of doing things.

But far beyond that is the fact that great communication and great content will ALWAYS be in great demand. That's what Neofuse is all about.

About the author: Kevin Browne is 19 year Madison Avenue veteran, and now owner of He and his partners are now teaching people how to SPECIFICALLY make money online. To replicate their success starting IMMEDIATELY, visit and FINALLY make the money you know you should be making online!

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