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What Makes Full Color Format Poster Printing Services Unique?

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Author: Maricon Williams

Full color large format poster printing services is a one-of-a-kind. It is the reason why we see bigger yet clear and catchy pictures hanging in the façade, displayed in tradeshows, printed on banners and other attractive marketing materials.

Large format poster printing is a sure and efficient way to generate full-color, high quality and oversize graphics. Generally, the graphics involve in this type of printing are larger than 11" x 17". Prints are enhanced with lamination or mounting for more arresting appearance.

Generally, large format poster printing is done with the use of large format inkjet color printers. These printers are usually 60" wide with ultra-violet pigmented or dye based inks and 1200 dots per inch for good quality indoor/outdoor printing. Large format poster printing uses rolls of paper, poster wood, strength bond, photo gloss, photo satin, wet adhesive back vinyl and vinyl banner as primary printing material. Aside from these materials, printing companies are also using backlit film, fabrics and fine art canvass.

Full color large format poster printing services uses software applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Quark XPress. Software simplifies all large format printing needs from its conceptualization to its completion. With it, clients can be assured that their printing job are given full attention from the minutest details up to the demanding ones. And aside from said applications, printing companies also make use of the latest printing technologies to collect, optimize and generate optimum printing results. High quality printed material outputs are produced out of practically all sizes of large font printing, capitalizing on the latest trends in color and printing technology. In addition, the printing company staff has considerable experience and mastery in the fields of editing, design, color correction and layout. Printing companies also uses top-class full color large format printing services with the latest model printing presses to guaranty quality work.

In connection with inks, full color large format poster printing services offer a wide-selection of good-quality and durable inks so as not to cause image degradation and flaws with the passage of time, mishandling or the changing of the weather. The wide-variety of inks captures the precise colors of the pictures and images used in the marketing material. Accurateness is a factor that motivates the expectator to believe what he is seeing. Thus, its importance cannot be overemphasized.

Powerful full-color, photo-quality, large-format posters are the aftermath of this exceptional yet reasonably-priced printing service!

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