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What is your favorite food?

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Author: John Pace

At work today, we decided that we should order out as a group and get some good food. One of my co-workers suggested we order her favorite food from a local Chinese place not too far from our office building. She told us that her favorite food was Chinese which she hadn't had in a while. This sparked some furious debate between my colleagues and myself and people brought up some interesting favorite foods. One mentioned Thai food as his favorite on the merit that it's spicy. Throughout this debate I was stuck with awe of the fact that I have never decided what my favorite food is. I have had many different types of food and am sort of a journeyman when it comes to trying out different kinds. From fried calamari to sea urchin to cow tongue (, I have tried a variety of foods. Sometimes I am uncertain of whether I will like a certain cuisine but end up being pleasantly suprised. So I hope whoever reads this understands that it can be difficult to select a favorite food!
. With that said I have narrowed it down to a certain select few.

The finalists include:

1. Spare barbecue ribs - I can't explain the joy I get when I see ribs on a menu. It has to be fall of the bone where you have to use two moist towlettes just to leave the building. I'm not too sure if this is originally an American dish but where ever it came from it's definitely tasty.

2. Pizza - This is clearly Italian and is my second favorite food for its one undeniable trait, versatility. Whether you put sausage or pinneapple on your favorite pie, I have never talked to someone who didn't like Pizza. The real debate is where the best comes from. My personal favorite is the white pizza which includes 3 different "white cheeses" like mozzarella, provolone, and American white.

3. Grilled swordfish - This is one of my favorite seafood entree. Whenever I can afford to dine at the higher standard restaurants (not McD's). I, every so often, like to indulge on swordfish if it's on the menu. It's slightly more tender than steak and it has a great aftertaste without too much of the fishy taste that some dislike. It's also amazing broiled. Whenever choosing something at a restaurant I'm usually the last to order because I can never decide. It was really tough narrowing my favorites down to three. I wonder if some of you here have the same trouble. So I ask the question what's your favorite dish?

About the author: Born and raised in the great state of Louisiana and a Chef I have experience in creating menus,deciding on themes forrestaurants, knowledge in food preparation, managing employees,e stablishing and maintaining contacts with vendors, overseeing customer relations.

I enjoy trading recipes, golfing, fishing, spending time with my love ones and of course cooking.

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