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What is Powerful Body Language?

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Author: Stephen Nash -

What does your body language say about you?

When you walk into a room, what do you think people "read" from your body language?

Try this out - the next time you are with people (perhaps you are right now?...), notice their body language, and see what impression they create on you.

Do they appear strong, confident, driven or motivated?

Or, do they seem meek, timid, confused, and/or LOST?

Can you see a parallel with these ideas and the ideas of being attractive vs. unattractive?? If not, let me spell it out for you…

Guys who have strong, confident body language are ATTRACTIVE

Guys who don't, are UNATTRACTIVE

Go to a mirror and see for yourself - what kind of body language do you have?

Are your shoulders slouched, or are you upright? Do you walk with your head held high, or do you tend to look down?

I remember working with a client of ours a number of months ago. We were in a lounge area, and were enjoying some drinks before going out. I pointed out to him that his body language was pretty closed off - arms and legs crossed - signaling to others that he was not approachable, and was not interested in meeting anyone new.

He agreed to try a little experiment, and change his body language. I told him to uncross his legs, and, more importantly, to uncross his arms. He did, and commented that he felt "weird".

A few minutes later, a stunning blonde approached us to ask "directions" to a club two blocks away…within minutes she, and her gorgeous Spanish friend, were sitting with us having a blast. Later on that evening, I asked Ms. Stunning Blonde why she asked us for directions. Her answer?

"You guys seemed so open. I also thought your friend was cute, so, you know, what the hell!"

What the hell…

The point of this article is not to convince you that having perfect body language forever ends your challenges with the opposite sex. What it IS intended to convey is the importance of body language and how other people, unconsciously, read it and form impressions about YOU.

If you want more confirmation of this, check out the body language of most of the hottest stars in Hollywood, like Tom Cruise, or Russell Crowe. See how they stand and carry themselves - with power, upright, always looking people directly in the eye.

Now imagine them with a slouch, head down, shifty-eyed….creepy isn't it??

If you carry yourself with power, other people will assume that you OWN that power internally. If you look them in the eye when you speak, they will assume that you have something of VALUE to say!

Mastering your own body language is critical to your success with women. If you communicate to them that you are insecure, unconfident, and have low self-esteem you will see a LOT of ass….walking away from you.


Our program "Natural Attraction" is designed to help you gain mastery of your inner self so that you naturally carry yourself with power and esteem.

We also cover the basics of body language and vocal tonality so that you have the MAXIMUM advantage in any/all social settings.

For now, just notice your body language in different situations - standing, seated, at the bar, on the bus etc. Try to find the most powerful posture you can assume. Isn't it interesting how this subtle change can cause you to instantly feel stronger and more confident?

If you want to attract and date beautiful women, you need the maximum advantage don't you? Wouldn't you like your body language to work FOR you rather than AGAINST?

Check out what else our Natural Attraction product offers you by clicking this link. As you do so, check your posture RIGHT NOW - are you filled with confidence and direction?

Do this a few times per day. This will help you understand what you unconsciously broadcast to other people. Also, does your body language change when around attractive women?

It is first critical that you are aware of what your body language says about you, then it is up to you to take the necessary actions to fix it.

Hope that helps guys.

About the author: Stephen Nash
Cutting Edge Image Consulting

Stephen Nash of Cutting Edge Image Consulting (CEIC) is author of the book How to Get A Girlfriend: The Seven Essential Skills for Attracting the Woman of Your Dreams and Natural Attraction, 7 CD Audio course on image enhancement and dating for men.

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