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What is Coldfusion Hosting?

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Author: Mer Amer

ColdFusion hosting is a server-side scripting language which is similar to PHP or ASP. A product of Macromedia, it is considered as a complete web application server for not only basic hosting, but extends to developing and delivering scaleable e-commerce applications especially for business websites. Mostly, ColdFusion is utilized in small and large businesses, and also for some advanced personal uses. It is due to the fact that in a short space of time, users will be able to create robust Web applications coupled with advanced data integration.

Since it is a server-side technology, ColdFusion hosting works by having a web server to process and deliver web applications, rather than just plain web pages. The language used is called ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) which includes tags for querying databases, outputting text and interacting with different web services. The language uses tags and attributes, similar to XHTML, for the codes that interact with the website and its back-end functions. CFML is relatively much simpler than languages like C++. However, a strong understanding in HTML coding and relational database design is still very important.

From a web developer's point of view, ColdFusion hosting requires less learning time and fewer code lines compared to ASP, PHP or JSP. Developers can develop their application locally using various tools such as ColdFusion Studio and only move to the real ColdFusion server when fully ready. The capabilities of ColdFusion hosting encompasses shopping cart-enabled web store,,back-end support for interactive Flash applications and to the extent of building a global network for a company.

In terms of cost, due to the expensive cost to set up a ColdFusion server and engine, the price for this type of hosting is normally more expensive than the normal UNIX and Windows hosting. However, with the unrivalled advanced features that it provides, and the availability of shared ColdFusion server, the hosting price has come out to be very competitive.

Overall, ColdFusion hosting is a technology that helps to build powerful web applications and services. Its biggest advantage over other hosting types is the simplicity that it offers to develop websites that would otherwise be more complex if coded in ASP, PHP or JSP. In short, ColdFusion hosting delivers powerful web capabilities using an easy-to-learn and highly productive server-side scripting environment.

About the author: Mer Amer writes in on various articles related to web hosting. Visit for more resources on web hosting and list of highly recommended web hosting services.

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