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What In The World Is 'Infopreneuring'?

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Author: Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian

Infopreneuring is the new buzzword on the Internet. It's an exciting combination of an entrepreneur and information creator. The term 'infopreneuring' refers to the actions of creating (or having created) valuable information resources which are then monetized in entrepreneurial ways.

Think of an expert writing a book. A specialist delivering a lecture. An artisan developing a documentary showcasing her skill. A teacher delivering lessons over the Web.

They are all infopreneuring their way to massive wealth. And they are doing it by tapping into the incredible reach and low cost offered to us all by the explosive growth of the Internet.

So how would YOU like to start infopreneuring today? Like the idea, but don't know where to start? Don't worry, that's where the vast majority of hopeful beginners are.

To get started on your infopreneuring voyage, you'll have to follow a simple step by step process.

1. Search your knowledge-base. Before infopreneuring, think about what you can share, teach or explain to your audience. It would preferably be something you know well, are an expert at, or can become one quickly.

2. Think about your audience. Far too many infopreneuring failures happen because the infopreneur got caught up in what s/he wants over what the audience does. Remember - in infopreneuring, your market is king (or queen!)

3. Choose a format. Infopreneuring involves writing, speaking, drawing, recording, meeting - or any combination of these methods of sharing information with your market. Pick the one best suited for your needs and skills.

4. Draw up a plan. Infopreneuring won't just happen. You need to devise a plan of action, develop a strategy to follow. You wouldn't start a journey without a roadmap - so don't start being an infopreneur before you've made a plan.

5. Take massive action. Infopreneurs are entrepreneurs. And entrepreneurs are, above all else, massive action-takers. Positive thinkers. Firm believers. You should be the same. The one differentiator is that your 'product' is your information - and that's why what you do is called infopreneuring.

6. Educate yourself. Do it continuously. Infopreneuring is new. It will twist and turn in many exciting ways. You want to be ahead of the curve, not behind the crowds. And that means studying the specialty. Keeping abreast of developments. Expanding your knowledge.

Infopreneuring is fun, even if it isn't easy. Infopreneuring is simple, even if it isn't effortless. Infopreneuring is profitable, though you won't get rich in your first week. Enjoy the journey, and look forward to arriving at the destination. The price you pay will be well worth it just to be called 'Infopreneur'.

About the author: Internet infopreneur Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian has helped hundreds of business owners build online information empires. He shares powerful tips, ideas and secrets about achieving success and building massive wealth from information products in his "Internet Infopreneur Tips" ezine. Register for free at InfoProfitz - - or send any email to

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