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What I Wished I Had Known About Puppy Potty Training

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Author: Oye Ade

Ranger is my beautiful and full of life Alsatian dog. Ranger is a part of the family, though more of a guard dog than a pet dog. But ranger is such a restless dog. One thing I hold in high esteem about ranger occurred when he was a pup.

We were a bit careless and did not give him all the required medical attention he needed to grow up properly. Then suddenly he became sick, he had diarrhea and became extremely weak. Actually I thought he was going to die. But Ranger really pulled a stunt one day when suddenly he came back to life, even though he was dragging his hind legs, he seemed to have come to a resolute conclusion that he wasn’t going to give up.

Not too long afterwards his condition improved and became better as the days went by. There and then I knew that ranger was going to be a rugged dog. It must have a taken a will to live for ranger to have come back to life. I’ve had such similar experience with my previous pets - champion and shappy- but they never survived it. For ranger to have survived his ordeal means he’s got the stuff that only champions are made up of.

Even though Ranger has now grown to become an adult dog, something still pains me that I never did know well, when he was a pup. Every day I’ve had to clean the yard from his messy and sloppy faeces. Sometimes I mess my shoes or slippers because ranger does it anywhere he deems fits. I really get angry at times, because having to clean the yard daily is no joke for me.

I just realized that all needed to have done was to have potty trained my ranger, and that would have saved me all the trouble. When ranger was a pup I never considered the option of potty training for him. Though I knew of people whose dogs never messed the house or yard, yet I never really concerned myself with understanding what they’ve really done.

Until cleaning up the mess became a serious burden. A stitch in time saves nine, so goes the saying, I would definitely potty train any dogs I acquire from now, to potty train a pup is a worthwhile investment.

I think that I now know from experience. Because if I had potty train ranger I would not have suffered all that long from the frustration of cleaning the yard to cleaning my shoes from time to time. May be you are faced with a similar dilemma like I was you should consider potty train for your dog. Even adult dogs are not left out.

About the author:

Oye Ade is a pet lover who knows lots about pets. If you don't want to ever worry about your dog messing up the house with its potty, download this amazing dog training guide below:

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