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What Happens During A Hot Stone Massage

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Author: Chris Turley

There's no better way to spend your free time than to indulge in a session of hot stone therapy to take all the stress away from your mind and body and to leave you renewed and refreshed than ever.

If you have never tried this relaxing and soothing experience, not only are you missing a lot of things but you may also be wondering what these stones have got to do with the massage.

If you want to know what exactly happens in a session of this kind of therapy, go and read on:

Hot stone therapy is a variation of the classic massage that incorporates heated stones to release muscular tension and stress. Basalt stones which are rich in iron are usually utilized because they are efficient in retaining heat.

In preparation for a hot stone therapy, the therapist sanitizes the stones of different sizes and shapes, and then heats them by immersing in 120 and 150 degree water.

Once the client arrives, the therapist gives him or her time to undress, lie on the massage table face down and relax for a few minutes before the session starts.

The therapist begins by applying massage oil on the client's body to allow for the stones to easily glide over the muscles. Stones will then be placed in key points of the body that are known to be energy centers such as on the back, in the palms of the hands and in between toes.

Traditional Swedish massage strokes are incorporated during the therapy while the stones are placed on the body. There are times when the therapist will also use the stones in applying pressure on the muscles.

The therapist always touches the stones first to make sure it's not too hot to scald the client's body. If there's anything that the client is uncomfortable with, he or she can speak up because the therapist welcomes any concerns and makes the necessary arrangements to ease the client's apprehension.

After the entire process of placing stones and massage the back part of the body, the client is asked to turn over and the sequence will be repeated.

During the therapy, the heat of the stones regulates the circulation of energy as well as work wonders in relaxing the muscles. This also promote deep muscle and tissue relaxation.

Aside from that, this therapy is also known to be an effective way to release toxins that are clogged in the body. This is why a client is advised to drink plenty of water after a session to flush out these toxins.

Furthermore there are certain health conditions that are known to be improved by this therapy. These include muscular aches and pains, Arthritis, Fibromylagia, circulatory problems, Insomnia, and depression.

A typical session usually takes about 60 to 90 minutes long and costs about $50 to $190.

Having read this article may make you feel that you already know all about hot stone therapy. That's where you're wrong. You will never truly know what the pleasure feels and experience its positive effects until you try it for yourself.

About the author: Learn more about stone massage from Chris Turley, a stone supply company director by visiting his site at .

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