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What Does My Dream Mean?

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Author: Henry Fong

Dreams and the meaning of dreams is a subject that interests many people. At times it can drive you wild to know just what that dream means. In case and point if you continue to have a dream over and over again, you really want to find out what you mind is thinking.

There are ways to go about finding what the meanings of dreams are. One is to look for a free dream dictionary, or to check one out at the library. You can find some loosely based dream interpretations online too.

As soon as you awake if you have those dreams in your mind still grab the paper and write it out. This will allow your mind to still have the dream fresh and hopefully you will be able to be very detailed in the comments that you put down about the dream.

Many dreams have some things in common, or many people dream about certain subjects a lot. In that case these dreams and the theme are known more as a common dream. Subjects that fall under this category are dreams that involve flying, being naked, falling and teeth.

One of the most fascinating for me that is, would be the dreams involving falling. If not only for the myth that if you hit before you woke up you would die. But in fact these dreams have a meaning that well when you think it through does make a lot of sense.

It's said that this shows you may lack a quality that the loved one has. One that you don't think you can live without and one that you want to have.

How about those dreams about being naked? Interesting to say the least, but what do they really mean? Well it can mean something as simple as you may be embarrassed about a situation you were recently in, or one that may go wrong in your mind. A way that you possibly caught off guard in a situation even.

It's pretty funny how the meaning can chance so quickly. One point you feel you are missing something, while the other you are becoming more! That's why the study of dreams has always been interesting and many psychologist spent years looking for meanings. Possibly the most entertaining were those interpretations done by Sigmund Freud. Very odd but almost all if not all of his meanings that he would come up for a dream would do with sex in one way or another. Thank goodness they aren't all like that anymore, it would be enough to even make the most sane person feel like they were losing their mind!

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