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What Are Traffic Exchangers?

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Author: William R. Nabaza

Traffic Exchangers are a membership or community site that sets up ratio of visitors to go to your site. You join agreeing on visiting two sites in return for one visitor to your site on a 35-second to 10-second visit each. A great simple tool to enjoy visitors, let's say you've visited 100 sites and you expect to get 50 visitors to your site as well. There are several types of traffic exchangers but it falls down to two: autosurf, and manual surf. Two types of membership as well: free and paid membership. Free membership enjoys 2 surfed sites : 1 visitor to your site and the paid member usually enjoys 1 surfed sites : 1 visitor to your site.

Let's take a concrete example, live working traffic exchangers or traffic builders for your websites. They are the following ( ), ( ), ( ), Traffic Builders ( ) and Submitters ( )

Traffic exchangers such as ( ) comes in two categories: (1) auto surf - it's automatically set to browse, visit or surf other's members's sites based on the agreed visitor ratio; (2) manual surf - you either click on a button, random text, or random graphic to continue to surf another site.

On ( ) gives you 50 credits upon joining and you get to use this 50 credits - 50 visitors once you surf 100 sites so it's for free but you get 2:1 ratio of traffic. I also offer paid or pro membership in which you get 1:1 ratio but all types of memberships will not get you automatic visitors if you don't surf. If you don't surf it will not move. You agree to exchange visitors with other members. Right now traffic deliveries comes in various forms, for ( ) you can get traffic either by directly surfing, downloading and installing a screensaver, downloading and installing an executable file on your computer, and downloading and installing a .cdf (channel definition file) surf without your browsers right on your desktop. Nowadays, you can leave your computer open and connected to the internet plus you gain visitors, you get to choose how your traffic is delivered either you get to surf automatically via your desktop everytime you open up your computer it's already on the desktop, and it will surf and gain credits for you, when you leave your computer and do something, out comes your screensaver which will also gain visitor credits for you, the executable file is nothing but an application that pulls up your autosurf url so you can leave it minimize on tray and still get the visitors. You can literally sleep while gaining automatic visitors to your sites plus did I mentioned that because you're surfing for cash, you get paid just to use it, yes you receive payments via your egold account when your account reaches the max payment scheduled and set for your account. ( ) is a text ad, in which you agree to place some html codes in your webpage(s) and gain free traffic from it, you have to design or write your ad that it will attract clicks to go to it, either way it's a long term one so you get your sites listed on the search engines when you do this. You don't need to surf here but as long as there is at lease some visitors to your site where the html codes are located, it will gain more visitors for you, the same ratio is used for free and paid memberships. You get to start with 300 credits - 150 visitors for free once you place the html codes on your site. Easy way to get visitors. More benefits can be acquired upon joining this text link exchange site. ( ) which enables you to place your ad unobtrusively and unblockable by letting it fly inside the pages, it's not popup or popunder. To enjoy it, you need atleast MSIE version 6 or upper version. It also comes with two types of membership: free and paid.

I usually use lots of traffic exchangers or traffic builders and use them on a daily basis for as long as 8 hours to 10 hours. I used them when I write articles or doing some update work on my sites.

So open up a free account today and don't waste that idle computer time and maximize all the seconds to gain a visitor or two. Other sources of traffic are being discussed on great details on Traffic Builders ( ) and Submitters ( ) I hope you enjoy and benefit from these.

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