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What Are The Best Grandfather Clocks?

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Author: Rudy Silva

Grandfather clocks evolved from wall clocks, as a response to astronomers' need for more accurate clock in the 1500s. The grandfather clock had a face with a longer pendulum and weights enveloped in a wooden case. The clocks were thin and tall.

Since then, the evolvement of antique clocks began. What we have in our time are less specialized. The grandfather clock can now stand on the floor on its own because of its freestanding wooden cases. Because of this characteristic, the clock is also known by its moniker floor clock.

The enhancements of floor clocks continue to evolve. In our time, only the modern versions of refined pendulum clocks are seen available. Howard Miller is among the famous manufacturers of grandfather clocks.

Its authenticity is found on its clock, which is certified with a number that appears on its face. Enthusiasts of Roman architectural will be amazed with this clock as its designed is an influence of such marvelous architectural concept, making it an excellent family heirloom.

Another of Miller creation is Satinwood. It is simple and contemporary design with its delicate nickel accents and a curved glass top, which allow viewers to see the inside motion. Its dial is also nickel-finished with bezel, markers and hands.

Another good manufacturer of antique clocks is Hentschel. The Chinook grandfather clock is popular for its arched split pediment and turned finial. At night, when everyone sleeps, it automatically shuts off its triple-chime cable wound movement. Its dial is moon-phased featuring raised numbers on the time ring and lunar arch.

Hentschel's Thornbury clock has stunning scalloped beveled 3-piece glass. One of its distinct features is the floating dial with Roman numerals in raised brass. Its chime options include Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington. And it features auto night shut off on its triple-chime cable wound movement.

Sligh's creations are mostly retired. However, they continue to grace the households and offices in America, Europe and Asia. Brookefield features applied Arabic numerals as well as midnight blue moon disc. Its reeded front columns are three-piece.

Another watch manufacturer that is world-renowned is Bulova. Its Shelbourne grandfather clock has its base designed resembling the bombs. It also has four-tiers. On its feet and center area are ornamentations carved delicately by hands. Also, its midnight blue moon disc and applied Arabic numerals made a stunning contrast.

Colchester, another Bulova grandfather clocks masterpiece has rare antique finish, creative V-grooves border design on front door glass, and bird's eye maple veneers. It also has fluted and beaded pilasters.

Another Bulova masterpiece is Hallmark, highlighted by its delicate carved base molding. Its unique brass plated moon dial heeds the rhythms of a shiny, brass-polished pendulum and weight shells.

Bulova also designed grandfather clocks for Harley Davidson. Among its features are black dials with raised satin silver-finish roman numerals. The numerals are brushed silver bar and shield logo, and satin silver-finish bezel.

Harley Davidson's 8-day cable movement clock is self-adjustable. Each night, from 10:00 to 7:00 in the morning, its triple-chime cable movement stops by itself. You can choose from three different chimes.

Bulova also designed the Parliament grandfather clocks. They feature 16 hammers, large diameter in Corinthian style. Its fluted columns on their fronts and cable-wound triple chime set them apart from the rest.

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