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Weimaraner: The Gray Ghost

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Author: Alex de la Cruz

This breed is known for its unique all-gray color and swiftness, hence the nickname "The Gray Ghost". There are a lot of uses for this pooch, some including hunting or serving as a military dog. It has an outstanding build; one that is very athletic. Packing a lot of strength and endurance makes it very versatile for many other physical tasks that will require such a skill set. The Weimaraner is a fairly large dog with a slender but muscular build. At average, it can weigh as much 72 pounds, and stand anywhere from 24 to 27 inches. It has very short hair, but boasts a silky coat.

The tail of this pet is quite short, and the legs are evenly muscled. Aesthetically speaking, the Gray Ghost is sexy and beautiful, making it a hot pick among people not just into physical activities, but by normal people living average lives. They are affectionate and very playful, for those two attributes alone many choose to keep it as a pet. Again it possesses tremendous amounts of energy, meaning it won't get tired of playing or jumping around for hours. It's great with the children as well, a very friendly and loving pet to have indeed. The Weimaraner is a highly intelligent pooch.

Aside from hunting and being used by the military, it was also utilized as a search and rescue dog. What made this an easy task for it to do was its good sense of smell and tracking skills. Give it a scent and it will find the trail and follow it to the end. This pooch can also serve as a guide for the blind and other disabled people. You may also keep it as a guard dog. It's very protective of what belongs to it, which includes its owners. Anything crossing its territory with intentions to do harm will cause it to respond as it is trained to, or if things get out of hand, use force.

All of this and many more capabilities come to show how well-rounded the Weimaraner is. But it's not born that way, it has to be trained that way. The only thing that it comes with it is potential and natural instincts. It is entirely up to the owner to shape and mold the dog; how you want it to be. Discipline for this breed is very important. Neglecting the education it needs will have consequences, such as being overprotective or being way too hyperactive. Having said that, begin training your Gray Ghost at an early age. Start with behavioral lessons, such as correcting bad behavior by ignoring it or showing it that you disapprove.

Balance the "rightness" of firm and gentle. You have to establish your superiority over it, but not to the point where you will be shouting and scolding. To sum things up, the Weimaraner would make an outstanding pet with lots of potential. The possibilities are limitless - you can mold it into anything you want. Remember that it's not a machine and that it will still need a lot of your love and attention.

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