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Wedding Photography: Getting to Know the Qualities of a Good Photographer

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Author: Bill Cotter

There are so many feelings evoked when you have a wedding celebration. Most of the time, you can feel love, passion, happiness and a sense of well-being. Everything looks pretty decent and pleasant to the eyes. However, seeing these things might not be evident to the guests. For the immediate family members, they can be overwhelmed with emotions. The bride and the groom may be nervous but happy at the same time. The father of the bride feels sad but more love for her daughter, as he will be setting her off to another man. The mothers of the couple getting excited looking this day onwards for a grandchild. These are some the feelings going on and may not be seen on the day but definitely, this what makes it extra special.

That is why photos make a good medium for capturing the celebrations of a wedding. They just do not capture poses at a certain angle but it is multi-dimensional. It can see what we cannot see and the emotions are real. A good photographer knows how to capture these moments. You will be surprised to find out seeing yourself in pictures without knowing the photographer took them. They also knows how to make a wedding photography that is beyond being fancy and pretty. At the end of the day the photographer is doing his job to only when he emphasizes you.

Now how does he do that? Here are some of the things that he does:

He lets the camera sit on a tripod and focuses it at his subject. This is where he gets a steady shot most specially in the ceremony part. It is easy to learn this but the challenge in here is how to focus on the subject.

He moves with the camera. The challenge in this part is how to move around without causing distractions to the guests. The photographer knows his way around and studies parts of the venue wherein he can roam around and still get quality shots.

He knows when to use two cameras. Once he has a vision on how the photo presentation should be like, he knows exactly the scenes that are needed. However, one body cannot be at two places at the same time. He also covers the wedding personally and not hire some substitute. He ensures that he will be there on the special day to make sure everything goes as planned.

He never forgets to bring a supplies. He knows where to put them so they are out of the way and so they don't distract from the atmosphere of the celebrations.

He does not need a director to get the shots that he needs for the wedding photography. He can see the beauty in the spontaneity of things. He can work with angles on his own and find it on his own.

Lastly, he does not slack off. You see him all the time getting busy on your wedding day. He follows anything that is good without hesitations and he only takes a break when he can.


Therefore, every time you look at your photos, and you are satisfied with it, know that you have a good photographer doing his job. If he does all of these things, most likely he is exerting his very best to cover every inch of your wedding to ensure your satisfaction.

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