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Wedding Checklist: The month of your wedding

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Author: Georgina Clatworthy

Finally you have reached the most important and exciting phase of your wedding planning. With just 4 weeks until the big day, it is time to make sure all arrangements are in place, all bookings are confirmed and the fine details in place.

Wedding Checklist: 4 weeks to go!

- Submit your application for your marriage license.
- Arrange a final fitting for your wedding dress. Take your chief bridesmaid along with you, particularly if you will need some help with your dress on the day.
- Confirm with your attendants (bride's and groom's) that they have all the attire and accessories, know their duties and the schedule for the day.
- Confirm details with all your vendors - caterers, florists, baker etc.
- Write and print out your wedding program.
- If you have out-of-town guests coming, make up some welcome baskets or bags for them.
- If you will be living elsewhere after your wedding, send change of address information to the post office.
- Write out your thank you cards for wedding gifts as you receive them.
- If any guests have not yet confirmed, ask your mother or chief bridesmaid to contact them.

Wedding Checklist: One to Two Weeks Ahead

- Organize your seating plan and write your place cards.
- Confirm the final guest numbers with your caterer and confirm any last minute details.
- Prepare the wedding toasts for your rehearsal dinner and the reception.
- Break in your wedding shoes by wear them around the house and on carpeted floors.
- Arrange for someone to come in and take care of any houseplants/pets while you are away on honeymoon.
- Collect your wedding dress.
- Have fun at your hen/bachelorette/stag/bachelor parties.
- Give your family your travel information and contact numbers in case they need to contact you.
- Make the final revisions to your seating plan.

Wedding Checklist: The Day before Your Wedding

- Take some time out to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends.
- Delegate responsibilities to members of your wedding party including whole will hand out the button holes and corsages, greet the guests and check on vendors/suppliers.
- Confirm your wedding transportation booking.
- Get some pre-wedding pampering with a manicure.
- Give your wedding party their gifts.
- Attend your ceremony rehearsal.
- Enjoy your rehearsal dinner.

Wedding Checklist: Day of the Wedding

- Present your parents with their thank you gifts.
- Enjoy your wedding day and all your hard work!

About the author: Georgina Clatworthy is a dedicated full time writer who composes informative articles related to wedding favors and wedding. She is connected with , today's leading wedding social networking planning site.

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