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Website Design's Extended Features

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Author: Alan Smith

Designing a website needs many aspects to be used and included, but include only those features that are essential otherwise it might give cluttered look. Whereas lesser features that are needed can make a site look incomplete and bare, leading the users to leave your website in short span of time. Maintain an equal and proper balance of primary components and extra features on a website which would help in attracting and retaining the customers.

In a website navigation bars feature is very important, it helps the visitors in moving around on your site with ease and provides professional look and quality. There are many ways of making your website user-friendly in an innovative manner. Images can be used as links to different sections of your website. You can also ask the designer to design the site with flash or Java application for giving a different look. In case you decide to use an applet for the main page of your website, be cautious as it includes audio and video elements and its wrong usage can create a clumsy and cluttered look.

Sometimes for navigation purpose animations are also used, for instance when a user scrolls from one part to another of the website it can used but keep it simple and short.

Include contact information in your site whether its a business, personal, social or any other type of site. The way this contact information to be posted online depends on how you want it to be used. Never post your personal phone number online as it would create problems in the future. The best way is to give business e-mail address or if required personal e-mail address. The personal mail address can go as your name then @ the url address.

The ideas are endless and scope of website designing is immense, it depends upon your site's requirements what you need and what you don't need. Whatever features you choose it has to be kept simple and easy for the users to use.

You can also hire any good and reliable website designing company for the job of designing a professionally looking and functional website. Explain them your ideas and goals so that they take them into account while doing the job. Let them know that you require a web structure that is clear and with good page structure. It would help the visitors in finding the information on the site.

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