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Web Design for Small Enterprise

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Author: Dave Wiltshire

Web design for small businesses needs to be appealing to attract clients. With the recession plaguing almost all industries, businesses seek greater web presence to boost their income, which in turn creates stiff competition on the internet.

You have to capture the average visitors attention in under 2 second so your website must be attractive and engaging with strong content. This helps to lower bounce rate (users that leave on one page view) and draw website visitors into the website. Simply Filling out your website with pretty images and flash graphics does not guarantee interest from prospected web users. The content is very important or the web design in general and helps to maintain users interest after the first impression.

There are software packages available to make web designing easier and giving business owners more power. One is Magento, a fresh open-source script that has gained popularity in recent years, best known as an ecommerce platform for growth. Magento provides huge help to fulfill the growing needs of online merchants today. Its primary role is to present a platform that gives full control to online merchants and it is excellent in the search engines helping to promote business and encourage sales. Magento focuses on functionality above anything else. It boasts the popular SEO features and user experience that helps to attract many customers. In return, businesses can achieve fast and stable growth.

Magento has the best features of open source development. It is very flexible in ecommerce solutions and plugins and is widely used in creating online shopping cart and online stores. It has Magento CMS which is customisable flexible and based on the zend development framework. Furthermore, it gives businesses multiple functionality options for Magento driven online stores.

About the author: David Wilthsire is a passionate young entrepreneur and web designer based in Nottingham, UK.

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