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Wealth Creation Education – What’s It All About ?

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Author: Martyn Walker

Every day we are bombarded with so much information about the need to be wealthy ... the joys of a lifestyle that only a large amount of income can afford. A lot of people think the only way to get this sort of money is to win a lottery. This week there is $50 million up for grabs - wow, that is a lot of money ... and it will give the winners (as there is usually more than one) an unrealistic happy moment in life.

We all hear of stories of people who win big ... more of than not within a couple of years they have none of the winnings left. They have more debt than they started with and no friends or family to help them out. Money can change the attitude of a person who has not had money before, or who has not earned it themselves. They think they have found a bottomless pit of gold at the end of the rainbow! Remember this ... the more money you have, the more money you spend.

If you read my recent article "Have You Given Your Child A Wealth Education Chat Yet?", then you will understand it is never too young to start educating your children about the value of money and how it can affect their young lives. Look at your life right now - do think about money, where it is coming from, how to spend it, what bills you have, what you will have give up to pay the bills, feed the children, pay for your bad habit (whatever they might be?) You probably think more about the older you get.

I had a discussion with my barber the other day about what he would do with all that money if he won the JACKPOT. His response - he'd spend a couple of million on boys toys. Then he would put the rest in the bank ... at a nominal amount of interest ... because the bank is safe and he will be able to live off the interest on $40 million (that's around $4,830 a day). But, my biggest concern of all he told me was that he would have someone else manage his money for him. That's right, he wouldn't make the decisions of how his money would be invested, he'd leave it to someone else!

How many money managers have we heard of recently that commit fraud against the people they work for. And really, who better to invest YOUR money than YOU!

There are plenty of people who leave it up to others to manage their investment portfolios, then cry foul when their money disappears. We consider them to be unfortunate (depending to the levels of their rich-ness, and how they acquired it) or stupid.

A lot of people who have won vast amounts of money, have become scared of it ... yep, that's right: scared! The biggest reason: they don't want to be seen as a failure by their family and friends. Or, they think it is better to go out with a bang ... blow all the money.

The biggest issue is, and very few recognise this, is MINDSET. Most of us don't have the mindset to really think about the best way to invest so that those investments will generate strong, long-lasting and passive income.

Your mindset should be the first thing you work on, long before you have the wealth. The reason for this is that you become aware of where your money is going, what the outcome is because of where your money is going. Being aware of your outcome is important: you need to understand the results of your actions, the results generated by different ways of spending and/or investing your money.

You must also learn not to listen to your demons - you know, the little fella that sits on your shoulder every time you go shopping and says it's okay to buy something because it's on sale, even when you know you don't need it. It takes a strong mindset to say 'NO' to things that really do not add value to your life.

It also takes mindset to stick to the purpose of why you are doing this ... remember you often have to give something up to achieve the bigger goal. That 'something' could be a spending habit (that coffee EVERY morning) or it could be a friendship with someone toxic to your goals (the negative person who is always telling you that what you want out of life is simply not possible).

Recognise what you want to achieve, how you are going to achieve it and stop letting others (and sometimes even yourself) side-track you!

There is no 'one' way to become wealthier in life, be it riches of money, sources of knowledge, the number of friends you acquire over your lifetime - you just have to get your mindset correct to move ahead with your life.

I've found that people don't know where to find the knowledge to gain wealthy mindset. I didn't for a long time, so I know where those people are at 'right now'. Do you go down to the book store and get the latest Anthony Robbins book (he is an awesome author and has helped an amazing number of people in his life). Most people who start reading the self help books usually don't get past the first chapter. And the ones that do finish reading it don't take the lessons learned and apply them to their lives. Everyone starts with the best intentions ... they just don't seem to get it done!

Think about this: when the Egyptians built the pyramids they must have wondered if this was the best use of their time. No doubt someone had a plan and a strong mindset to refuse to listen to the doomsayers and they built a strong team behind them to successfully achieve the goals they set out with.

The same with wealth: you need to have a great mindset, some knowledge and a plan of what you are about to create. You also need people behind you to help you and push you in the right direction. Sound familiar?

I was lucky and this all came about for me when I got a wealth creation DVD in the post. I loved what I was hearing - it gave me so many ideas of what I could achieve and how I could get the outcomes I wanted.

I enrolled in the homestudy program and the gentle prodding and guidance of others around me has got me to a fantastic place of wealth.

What could you achieve if your dreams were big enough, and you had others daring to break out of the norm to help you fulfil your dream?

Think about it and if you're interested go to to order your wealth creation DVD - you too could achieve the outcomes you are only now beginning to dream of.

About the author: Martyn Walker

Internet business owner, wealth coach, share trader, property owner, mortgage broking franchise owner, lending manager and very bad saxophone player who has others become very well off.

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