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Wanted… Experienced Women who can Make a Difference

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Author: Jo Ball

The kids have taken the best years of your life. You gave it all willingly - even through the tantrums and the constant 'Why? Why?' of childhood into the raging hormones and cupboard raiding of teenage.

Now they've moved on and you've moved to mid-life. With the financial pressures of raising a family gone, you've begun to think about you for the first time in a couple of decades. You find yourself wondering what you used to do before you had children, or, more to the point, what you're going to do now.

There's got to be a good decade or two left for you to work, but you're capable and could do most jobs standing on your head, with your eyes shut and your hands tied behind your back. You want a challenge, but more than that you want to do something you love that will make a real difference to the world. But the question is, what will you turn your talents too… And what are talents again?!

I understand that women in their forties, fifties and sixties have an abundance of wisdom and experience to share with the world, but sadly not enough do this. Too many hide where they hardly get noticed, suppress their wisdom and forget the massive experiences they can share.

The world needs women like you now. The world is crying out for sensitive, experienced women who care about the world their children have now grown into; who care about the environment, who care about their community and who want to make a difference, even if it is just in your street or in work place.

Sometimes all it takes is supportive friend or partner, the help of someone in community or a coach to get you heading in the direction where you can be most fulfilled. And, as you head into the best years of your life, I want to urge you to do things that will help you avoid ill health, stress and depression. I urge you to reach towards things that bring you energy and life and that bring life and energy into your home and your street.

1. Start thinking about your talents and experience. Consider what you can do with them for the greater good.

2. What can you do at work that will make a difference? Considering your talents and experience and what you enjoy doing most, are you in the right occupation?

3. Consider the impact you have on others. Ask people how do you make people feel? Ask them what you are best known for?

4. Find people who can support you. Work with a coach or mentor to ensure you find what you want most.

5. Realize the world needs your experiences, so DO NOT except second best and end up doing work where you make no difference at all.

About the author

Jo Ball is a personal development coach. Her business, Unstoppable Life is a supportive community offering a range of ideas and help. She'd love you to join her readership for the fr>ee newsletter that includes inspiration, ideas and stories on purposeful living. As a way of saying thanks for joining you'll receive a fr>ee e-book, Simple Steps to Greater Happiness.

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