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Various Uses of Automatic License Plate Reader and Facial Recognition

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Author: James Stellor

Face detection or Facial Recognition is a technology that determines the locations and sizes of human faces in random (digital) images. It only focuses on the facial features and leaves apart everything else such as buildings and trees.

Face detection is used in combination with a facial recognition system. It is used in video surveillance and security systems. Facial recognition or Facial Tracking systems are used for a varied number of security purposes:

1. Facial Recognition systems are used in casinos to detect fraud.

2. The US government uses facial recognition for visa processing and it is one of the largest systems in the world.

3. Some new uses of Face Tracking such as to detect voter fraud and ATM fraud are being experimented with.

4. Some of the uses of Facial Recognition systems are not being publicized due to the sensitive nature of the information and its possibility of being used in the wrong hands.

Automatic License Plate Reader is used for a varied number of security purposes:

1. A London municipality uses it as part of their area wide security system.

2. Automatic License Plate Reader is used in border controls to let citizens of some countries to pass through without any checks.

3. It has been used in events to identify potential troublemakers and limit their attendance and foe Intrusion Detection.

4. Some of the uses of Automatic License Plate Reader are not being publicized due to the sensitive nature of the information.

LineUp uses artificial intelligence to identify and document human faces through video streaming. It sends out instant alerts when a security violation happens pr a parameter is breached. The instant alerts give the security personnel and police officers an advantage over the violators.

LineUp also maintains detailed records of the events in a user friendly format that does away with the need of going through each and every recording of the tape. This makes it faster and accurate. It is compatible with existing CCTV systems, which makes it cost effective as well. The system maintains a database and is very useful for City Municipalities, Casinos, VIP and High Risk Areas, Public transport systems, Police work and crime prevention and in military uses. It is being currently used in a wide variety of roles and has lead to a reduction in the cost of security and a more pro-active approach in security measures.

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