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Unity in Sports

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Author: John Kortex

Sports have been bringing people from all over the world together since the first Olympics in Greece many years ago. Sports bring people a since of accomplishment but more importantly, unity.

When playing a sport, whether it is with multiple people or by yourself, you have to be able to communicate with team members and coaches. If you are playing the sport by yourself, chances are you have a coach there at your side somewhere. Communication is extremely important when it comes to unity. It allows you to tell your other players or coach what is going on in a particular game situation in order to play as the game well.

In a team setting, you know your team is unified when there is trust on the field or court. You have to be able to trust your teammate will make the important catch to get you the first down or trust in your teammate to score the winning basket to win the championship. Sometimes you get the important super star on your team yet your team cannot win. It is because his/her players cannot communicate with him/her and therefore they cannot trust him. This team lost the game before they ever started because without trust talent means nothing. Trust brings unity and is the key to winning games.

Additionally, sports have created unity amongst small towns, big cities, and nations all over the world. When certain events such as the Olympics or the World Cup are played people will gather at the event, in a bar or at a friend's house draped in their nation's flag or wearing their favorite team's colors. Without unity sports wouldn't be any fun and no one would play them.

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