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Unique Wedding And Shower Candy Favors With Personalized Candy Wrappers

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Author: Chris Robertson

One of the hottest wedding and shower favor ideas these days is candy. Personalized candy wrappers with your name and wedding details offer an alternative to the traditional tulle and ribbon wedding candy, the ubiquitous Jordan almond. Whether you choose a bar of Belgian chocolate wrapped in embossed foil or a chocolate candy rose with a personalized ribbon and tag, personalized candy favors are the kind of sweet treat that guests love to take home.

Most companies that offer personalized chocolate candy wrappers give you a wide variety of styles and kinds of candy to choose from. A particular favorite with many brides are miniature 1-inch square chocolate candy. Bright foil candy wrappers are stamped with brides, grooms, wedding bells and doves to further the happy couple's wedding theme. Full size candy bars with personalized wrappers average about $1.75 apiece. For a bit less, you can have your name and wedding date imprinted on Hershey's miniatures like Krackel, Hershey's Special Dark candy bars and Mr. Goodbars. A package of 100 miniature candy bars costs about $50.

There's more to personalized candy wrappers than wedding bells, though. How about a chocolate or bubblegum candy cigar to announce the birth of a new child? You can purchase chocolate cigars with personalized candy bands or wrappers in "It's a Girl" pink and "It's a Boy" blue from any supplier of personalized candy bars. Nearly any occasion can be marked with personalized candy favors or gifts. Whether you're looking for candy shower favors or unique, personalized fund raising candy, personalized candy wrappers could be just what you need.

Some of the more unique candy favor ideas that we've seen are outside the realm of personalized candy wrappers though. One of the most adorable is the bubble-gum buddy bride and groom. Using a full size gumball for a base, the maker uses royal icing to form clothing and features on two of the cutest little wedding favors that can grace your wedding tables. Other candy favor ideas take their cue from the season of the year. Miniature wreaths made of starburst peppermint candy are perfect party favors for the office Christmas party, for example, and candy corn makes great candy fillers for wedding and shower favors at Autumn weddings and parties.

Finally, any wedding favor that can be made with candy Jordan almonds can also be made with the quintessential romantic candy of all time - candy hearts. Whether you choose foil-wrapped chocolate hearts or candy conversation hearts for a more whimsical look, how can you go wrong? Candy hearts and romance just belong together - naturally.

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