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Unique Promotional Gifts: Keep The Interesting

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Author: Lottie Carrot

It seems that more and more companies opt to giveaway promotional mugs and pens to the point that there are times when you cannot even tell which pen is from who as you have whole drawer-full of metal pens, cute pens, colorful pens and a lot others. Although these items are very economical, they are certainly not the only low-cost promotional gifts available today. Through opting for unique promotional gifts, you are increasing your chances of being remembered by the recipients. They could cost a bit more, but they would certainly prove to be worthwhile investments.

Kits are examples of great gifts that you could try to use to show your clients that you care about them a great deal. These are relatively larger, so they would not be advisable to be handed out at the trade show. But they would certainly make fantastic promotional gifts that you can give to old and new clients alike. Care kits have two categories: the one that are used when traveling and the one that are kept in your car. A care kit for a car would usually include items like a mini tool kit and reflectors while a care kit for traveling would include mirror and thread or needles.

Some other extraordinary promotional gifts that you do not see everyday would be Frisbees and yo-yos. These toys make interesting gifts even though your company offers services or products that are not associated with kids. Most of your clients have kids so using toys as gifts would be attracting families. Your promotional products would achieve staying power, as children use and save toys that they enjoy. After a year of receiving your promotional gift, the parent could be cleaning and stumble upon your promotional gift and decide that they can purchase your product or services. Some great ideas for toys that can serve as gifts would pinwheels, beach balls and toys that light up.

Remember that the best promotional gifts are the ones that prove to be most practical and functional. For instance, printed pens are able to work well since they are actually taken home to be used. And even if they would just end up in a desk drawer, chances are they would be searched for later on once they are needed. Unlike paper flyers and brochures, they are more likely not to end up in the garbage. For more unique ideas, you could try stress balls, letter openers and mint containers.

One more approach would be to go for the more expensive items like corporate gifts but rather than just giving them away to everybody at a trade show you could probably make a contest out of it to determine winners who be receiving them. Most of the time, having more expensive, unique and interesting promotional gifts attract more people in visiting your stand, which would give you the chance to make your sales pitch.

About the author: Lottie Carrot works for the leading promotional products company Argon Promotions:

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