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Ultimate Fear

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Author: Scott F Paradis

Fear is the great motivator, the great equalizer. Fear limits. Fear kills dreams and cuts life short like nothing else. So what then is the ultimate fear?

To experience fear one must have a something at risk. Fear is a sense of loss, projected into the future. The question is, what have we got to lose? And what in fact do we have?

In our modern society we make a big deal about ownership rights, but what does owning mean? At best we are temporary caretakers of things that come into our awareness: our bodies, relationships, the environment and a host of objects we like to call possessions. When we lay claim to any object, defining it as ours, we fall prey to ego. Our essence needs to possess nothing. We are one with all things, yet our person, the identity we characterize as "me," seeks the surety of ownership - "my".

When we fall victim to the whims of ego we seek to possess ever more. Once on the hunt, we risk becoming lost and wandering aimlessly when, in truth, we have nothing to lose. By attaching ourselves to objects, or people, or ideas about ourselves and reality, we set the conditions for fear.

Fear can exist only in concert with a sense of loss of some aspect of identity the idea of who we are with its inherent baggage (physical body, roles, possessions, abilities, status, and so on). The possibility of fear arises when we lose our spiritual connection to the divine and succumb to the illusion of object reality.

Death may not be the definitive example of a fear, as some people dread other aspects of loss more loss of status, loss of esteem, loss of relationship. However, we humans have within us, closely linked to what is defined as ego, a survival instinct. Lost in the labyrinth of the world, we seek to survive. Survival is a core "rule of the game" - and death violates that rule.

Fear arises when we separate ourselves from the source. Once separated from the source we find ourselves alone and vulnerable. Ultimate fear is a fear of loss of something we believe we have - something frozen in time and space. Yet nothing in this reality is frozen in time and space, nothing is permanent. Stuff or attributes or relationships are all temporary and fleeting. So then, fear comes from our clinging to the way things are; really the way things were.

The ultimate fear is the fear of change. Change is the potential to lose what you have grown accustomed to, what you think is yours.

To overcome the ultimate fear you must choose. You can detach yourself from everything and everyone - a strategy countless, lonely, isolated people live by. Or you can accept that nothing is permanent in this physical reality, everything is transitory. From this state of mind you come to accept that though you might suffer the anguish of a temporary loss you remain ever expectant and welcome new joyful encounters.

Life is an adventure. It need not be filled with fear. Choose to live free from fear and embrace the change that is life.

Copyright (c) 2010 Scott F Paradis

About the author: Scott F. Paradis, author of "Promise and Potential: A Life of Wisdom, Courage, Strength and Will" publishes "Insights" and a free weekly ezine, "Money, Power and the Path to True Prosperity." Subscribe now at

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