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Toronto Dental Offices Can Benefit From An Appointment Request Form

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Author: Jim Peterson

The man on the street is looking for easy options in every sphere of his life, and as a busy dental office there is one way of helping him and adding patients to your practice at the same time.

Web forms are not new. There are lots of companies who include them on their sites, or use a web form system, or a custom web form for their clients and customers to use. Applying this to a dental office, this would be signing up and making an appointment with the dental office.

This would simplify the Toronto dentist's life, as well as bringing in lots of new patients, who might never have heard of your dental office. It would definitely simplify your receptionist's life, as she will still have her job, seeing to patient's once they are in the surgery, but the paperwork would be halved, and the time saved, by the patient filling in the form him/herself.

Lots of people go online to look for medical and dental practices in their area. How many have found a dental website and wanted to sign up but no form was available, so they went on to the next best who had a form and booked the appointment there and then. You could be losing business at a steady rate, as people's lives are so busy and if they have made the effort to find your site, they are definitely interested in doing business with you. The man in the street, sitting at his computer wants to conclude the deal there and then. The options on the internet are limitless.

Not have to phone the next day, as by then his busy life has caught up with him and might have made him forget he needed a dentist the night before. He does not want to phone and make an appointment as he will not have time to wait on the phone while the receptionist sees if there is an available date. Or the phone might be engaged.

He does not want to get into his car, drive through jam packed traffic, find parking, find the dental office, then have to wait his turn to see the receptionist to make the appointment. If there are patients before him, his might be a long wait, just to make an appointment. All of this could have been avoided, simplified, by a web form which he could have filled in, set his appointment. He could have just turned up for the appointment on the due date.

Can you see how this would benefit you, the dentist, and streamline your office, allowing you to plan your time better, save on paper while saving lots of trees, as you would have files saved for your patient's information on your computer.

Online medical forms comply with HIPAA requirements and are safe and secure for your patient's sensitive dental history. The forms are easy to to use, and safer than printed normal forms which can fall into the wrong hands. The forms go straight from the server to you, what could be simpler?

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