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Top Secrets of How to Sexually Please a Woman

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Author: Mark J. Taylor

Guys, if you have ever wanted to know the secrets of how to sexually please a woman, then read no further and search no more. Believe it or not, this is much easier to learn than you might be thinking. So many men think that there is some kind of rocket science involved in pleasing a woman. However, that could not be farther from the truth. You simply have to know what you are doing. And do not worry, in this case that is just as easily said as it is done.

The first thing you need to know is exactly how to make your girl feel aroused. She needs to feel wanted and needed. She needs to feel sexy. You can do this in a number of ways, such as creating sexual tension, which is typically a huge turn on for girls. Remember, the thrill and the anticipation can make the actual act much, much better. However - guys, this is important - to have to engage your girl mentally. You cannot just try to get to her physically. Keep talking. Keep the affection and alive. And most of all, maintain the tension.

One of the secrets of how to sexually please a woman is to connect with her. Remember, girls are not carbon copies from one another. If you bring the same old game to every girl you meet, well... are you surprised that you cannot please them? Really? You see, all women are different. You need to connect with each one individually. You cannot use tricks to accomplish this. It has to be a sincere effort.

Do not, repeat, DO NOT, move too fast. Sometimes girls like aggression, it is true. But if you go from asking her name to trying to shove your tongue down her throat, she is might try to shove you away in retaliation. And insofar as that goes, do yourself a favor: Do not assume that your girl wants to be French kissed right off the bat. That is a personal, intimate thing for many women, and they do not automatically want to know what you ate for breakfast.

So start flexing those muscles and start the tension --- remember, it's supposed to be enjoyable for the both of you. Now that you have learned the secrets of how to sexually please a woman, let the pleasure begin.

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About the author: Mark Taylor is an expert on seduction attraction and dating. He has helped thousands of men attract beautiful women and get over their shyness and transform into confident men.

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