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Toasting With Style With Toasting Glasses

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Author: Amin Ramjee

Toasting is considered an art in any type of function or social event. When toasting, the toast master gives a short but sweet speech to congratulate someone, signify a success, to celebrate and occasion and many other happy reasons that people find a need to toast. Toasting is not only done in dinner halls or during a reception or even in a meeting room. People toast to a certain something even in clubs-where friends gather around to relax and chill while sipping martini or drinking beer. Just the fact that you are with people you know and that a certain issue has risen and everyone around the table feels that it is a reason to toast; they raise their glasses above and bump their glasses together in unison. Toasting in informal situations has much less order or ethics compared to toasting for weddings and other formal occasions.

Weddings normally have a traditional toasting order, though this order has evolved in times to suit the times and the people. Toasting with style can be done in any means possible, so long as you have the creativity and the toasting glass to go with it. In weddings, traditionally, the best man does the first toasting followed by the maid-of-honor. But in recent times, the maid-of-honor has also taken up this role to toast the bride and the groom first. At certain events, both maid-of-honor and best man toast the newlyweds together.

Toasting glasses can be bought in many different stores according to the couple's preferences and taste. There are glasses that are etched, engraved, printed as well as the clear ones. In formal occasions such as a wedding, traditionally the best man goes first, then the maid-of-honor followed by the father of the bride. After this, the groom's parents can also toast the newly weds and the bride and groom may toast their parents and the guests.

For a special occasion such as your wedding, it will be great to have special toasting glasses. Apart from the traditional order of toasting, the traditional toasting glasses used for weddings are champagne glasses. But then again, it is up to the wedding couple to choose what they want to use. Creativity has been taken to a whole new level where toasting glasses are concerned. Couples have chosen from martini glasses to margarita glasses, pilsner and even shot glasses - just stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The recent favorite of toasting glasses comes in the form of hand painted glasses. These glasses are not only used by the bride and groom but has been extended to include the parents and at times, given to all guests of the wedding reception. Hand painted toasting glasses allow the wedding couple to personalize their toasting process but to send out a personal message to all in attendance by giving these glasses as wedding favors. These glasses make for a great keepsake to the wedding couple as well as the guests to remember the wedding day for years to come. Personalizing your toasting glass is a great way of saying thank you to everyone who has put the effort in the planning, organizing and the overall celebration in making your wedding day a memorable one.

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