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Titan Cold Air Intake For Power and Performance

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Author: Louie Liu

A full sized pick up truck such as the Nissan Titan has got to be a work horse. And sure it is that way since it is designed to be one as well in great detail. A large pick up truck doing a lot of work for an individual is one of the most notable signs of the American life where each person gets a lot done. It is this ability of the American society that has made it a powerful country today.

Now you do have a lot of power available to you when you own a Nissan Titan so it may not occur to you that you could do with some more power. But it is possible that you will be concerned about the impact on the environment of such a large vehicle. The great things is there is a product that can improve the power delivered by the vehicle and also increase the fuel efficiency which will make it more environmentally friendly. This product is a Nissan Titan cold air intake.

A cold air intake is a simple device which creates a big impact. What it does is, it takes cold air straight to the engine. Since the air is cold it is more dense. And because of that more air can be squeezed into the combustion chamber of the engine. And therefore when the fuel is ignited in the combustion chamber there is more oxygen available for it to burn and it burns better. That increases the power generated and since a lesser amount of fuel remains unburnt that improves the fuel efficiency as well. The cold air intake also looks cool on your car. There is one additional benefit, which is that the cold air intake makes a deep roaring sound as the air rushes to the engine. This gives a performance car touch to your car when it is cruising along.

A Nissan Titan cold air intake is not an expensive product and therefore it gives great value for your money. You can read about the various options that are available by going online. You can see the latest Titan cold air intake at

About the author: Louie Liu has been in the car aftermarket products industry for 5 years. He specializes in body kits, headlights, cold air intakes & other aftermarket products. You can learn more about a Nissan Titan Cold air intake and cold air intake at his site

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