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Tips On Making A Low Fat Pizza

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Author: Peter Suhm

Everyone loves pizza, especially kids. This is great and pizza is a great thing, but there is one single problem that parents can't ignore: Pizzas tends to be very unhealthy, made by very fat cheese, bad meat etc. But it is possible to make a pizza that doesn't contain that much fat. Here are some tips:

1.Use a low carb flour

Don't only use normal flour, but look in your supermarket for special coarse pizza flour, it exist!

2.Don't use normal salami/pepperoni

The standard salami/pepperoni that many pizza restaurants use is very unhealthy. Often it has nothing to do with meat at all and is almost only fat. Find a good Spanish chorizo sausage, but don't put too much on, because it contains fat as well, but the quality is much higher.

3.Use the right cheese

A pizza isn't a pizza without cheese, but cheese is the one thing that really makes a pizza unhealthy. When using grated mozzarella, find the low fat one in your supermarket. Always remember that the cheese is the evil bastard.

4.Vegetables, vegetables and vegetables

Teach your children (or yourself) to eat vegetables. For pizza topping I can recommend using red pepper (it's so good on pizza!), mushrooms, onions and chilli (chilli helps you loose weight!).

5.Combine the pizza with salad

Nothing is more delicious than a newly baked pizza served with a green salad consisting of rucola, tomatoes and red onions on top of it.

6,7,8,9 and 10

Use your head! I bet you know what isn't healthy. Just use your imagination and come up with great low fat pizza ideas!

About the author: See and example on a low fat pizza at my blog:

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