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Tips For New Graduates Looking For Nursing Jobs

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Author: Karen Williams

As a new nursing graduate you are now ready to enter into the exciting career of nursing. A new grad has several choices to choose from when it comes to nursing jobs. Before you start your search for jobs, there a few thing to consider first. As a new grad, you need to carefully choose the jobs that you apply for. To ensure that you apply for the type of position that will suit you, you need to take into consideration your personality and interests.

If your interests are being around children, as a new grad you may want to find a position in pediatrics. As a new grad, taking the time to locate the jobs that match with your personality and interests can help ensure a long and happy career in the nursing field. Getting burned out or overwhelmed to quickly is a problem that some new nurses encounter in their first couple of years of working as a nurse.

This is why you want to match yourself with the jobs that best fit you. As a new grad looking for nursing roles, you should also keep in mind your long term career goals. Most people that want a long term career in the nursing field look for jobs that are in hospitals. Hospitals have several different nursing positions and as well as nursing supervisory positions. As a new grad, you would probably start off with basic patient care, but as you gain experience hospitals allow you to move up to emergency room and trauma room positions. Hospitals also have surgical nurses, rehabilitation nurses and pediatrics nurses.

It is not only common, but expected that a new grad is anxious to start to working as a nurse.

There are several ways to find exciting nursing jobs. Some nursing schools provide job placement services for their new grad students. Job directory websites are also very popular. Job directories not only allow you the option to search for local nursing jobs that are in your area, but they also allow you to search nationally for nursing jobs.

This makes find nursing jobs much easier, if relocating is an option for a new grad. Most all hospitals and medical facilities have there own website. A new grad can browse their available nursing jobs and in some cases you can even apply online. Of course the traditional methods of finding nursing jobs are still popular such as looking through local newspapers for nursing jobs and visiting medical facilities and hospitals in person.

As a new grad looking for nursing jobs, you may find more opportunities if you are flexible and open to the idea of relocating. With the nursing shortage that many states are experiencing, major hospitals are offering new nurses incentives to come work at their hospital. Some offer a sign-on bonus, while others may offer to pay the moving expenses if you agree to relocate. Nursing jobs for a new grad are available to fit most any interests and all personalities all across the United States.

About the author: Karen Williams has worked as a CNA for several years and now runs a CNA Training information website to assist others looking to start or further their careers in the nursing industry. For more information visit:

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