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Thoughts Become Things

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Author: Andrea Novakowski

"The joy of a spirit is the measure of its power."

~Ninon de Lenclos

As you first open your eyes in the morning, where does your mind go? Are you thinking about what "they" are saying in the news? Are you thinking about why you can't do or have? Are you wondering why you have to work so hard?

What if you shifted those thoughts and instead asked yourself:

What brings me joy?

What opportunities are waiting for me?

What do I truly want?

The truth is, as we change our thoughts and perceptions, we change our feelings, which changes our behavior, which changes our results. Isn't it time for you to have your life be the one you choose?

Recently, I listened to a friend talk about the work she had to do and how hard it was. If you think about the words you are using to describe what you are doing, might it be that you have never done this work before and so it's new and stretches you and your skills? What opportunities wait around the corner for you when you change your perspective?

As I think about summer, I know the heaviness of winter disappears and the light of the sun and the lightness of my clothes have me feel freer and in touch with my value of freedom. I know that getting clear about what I want in my life is the first step to getting the results I want.

Coaching Call to Action:

Start your day with the thoughts you want to have in your head. Find an action to support these thoughts. Go out and create! Feel the freedom of it!

About the author: Andrea Novakowski is an executive and personal coach who has been helping clients align their professional goals with their personal values since 1997. By tapping into Andrea's knowledge, tools and skills, clients are able to meld career development and personal growth to reach higher productivity and deeper levels of job and personal satisfaction. Learn more at

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