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These Are Obvious Advantage And Disadvantages To Static As Well As Dynamic Sites

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Author: Alan Smith

You can find mostly these types of websites that are mostly developed these days and they are static sites as well as dynamic sites because there is various importance of each of these techniques. Which one you are going to opt should be as per your requirements for your website and generally if you want a website that is going to generate revenue with PPC or affiliate programs then you should go with a static site but in case you wish to create a website that will be more appealing to audience with more interactivity then a dynamic site is going to be the best.

Many users are having static sites on the internet and they are just made up of HTML where the pages are always the same but just because people use only static ones does not guarantee that they are the very good for every site. Many website developers find static sites to be advantageous for a few reasons and one important one is that static sites are comfortable for promoting in search engine because search engines are not able to select dynamic content comfortably because since pages are often going to be changed each time you visit them.

It is going to be difficult for any search engines to list down pages of your site that are frequently changing and especially if the important content varies and also static sites are comparatively easier to build because there is no dynamic programming language required. Many people put the textual content on to their pages which they find very comfortable and generally static sites are good if you create them with intention of revenue or for other similar programs.

Even nowadays dynamic sites are becoming very common and are obviously becoming the best choice for many website and this is because you can facilitate a much more interactive experience for your visitors with dynamic sites now the traffic to your site might interest your site very much if it is dynamic because there may be more for them to do.

This technique is most of the time used for sites with membership facility because if your site is making appealing to visitors rather than generating revenue than it can definitely help you keep visitors coming back. Here there can problem with search engines because they may have difficulty in indexing the content on your site this is maybe because it altered frequently or because it doesn't actually need much content and many sites like this still get Hugh traffic though since they keep users coming back.

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