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The Vibrant World of Black And White Digital Photography

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Author: Connie Fillmore

Classics are classics because they never go out of fashion. This explains why black and white photographs are deemed classics. They still hold good against the influx of color all around them. But for many, black and white digital photography is a less-trodden, little-appreciated and much underestimated domain of photography.

But thankfully, patrons and connoisseurs apart, black and white photography has recently acquired quite a fan following courtesy the digital cameras and their Black and White mode. People have suddenly discovered the "magic" of black and white photography. The timeless appeal of black and white photographs has caught on and people have come to appreciate its stark but shipshape appearance that exudes polish and sophistication.

So if you want to join the legion of black and white photograph fans and try your hand at some serious, thought-provoking and beautiful black and white digital photography, it is worth remembering a few handy tips.

- Those who were looking for an easy way out should remember that minor alterations in the color profile of the color editor doesn't translate into a breathtaking black and white digital photograph. The black and white setting of the camera is also by no means a one-touch means to a striking black and white snapshot. Be prepared to tinker with a few controls on your digital camera.

- Understand that a black and white photograph is actually an amalgamation of gray tones. This realization will in turn help you to grasp the basics of filters, known to bring in startling results in your black and white digital photograph.

- In your wanderings through your digital camera setup you must have come across a number of filters. Unknown to many a digital photographer, these filters can be used to produce dramatic black and white snaps. For instance, you can experiment with various filters to see how they affect a particular color in the context of a black and white setting. A red filter over the lens will make the red shades in the picture appear as light gray tones and you will end up with skies that look ominously cloudy.

- The scope of black and white digital photography is not only about portraits and landscapes. There are thousand and one things that you can express with black and white photographs. So the next time you have the digital camera in hand, focus on abstract shoots. Treat black and white digital photography, as a mode to portray the world in a different light and you will never be short on potential photography subjects.

- If you still haven't got the hang of how to produce realistic and spectacular black and white digital photography with only the camera as your aide, you have numerous image-editing software packages to give the finishing touches. Your crude photographs will get the most amazing makeover.

Step into the wondrous world of black and white digital photography and discover the vivid colors, emotions and moods that these two colors can portray.

About the author: Connie Fillmore is a successful writer and publisher of photography related issues, for more informative articles go to

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