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The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide: 9 Practical Tips To Fast Email Marketing Success

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Author: Jon Rognerud

Email marketing is easy (--ponder--) if you know how to do it. Wow, you have heard that one before, I'm sure. Is that not always the case - with almost anything? So, why even say it?

Because - in this case it is really true. Read on!

1. Get the legalities out of the way.

Always write and provide a link to your privacy page. Starter text can be obtained from links below - and always make sure to review with your legal counsel for a final review. You will then include a link to it from your outgoing email campaigns.

Here are some places to start:

2. Your site must capture user via first name (last name) & email address.

Burn this into your head - make it your site requirement - day one. There are too many online businesses that forget this simple rule. It's a must. If you are reading this article, then you probably already realize the importance of mailing lists.

3. Example Signup forms.

Search the internet for example sign up forms. A great technique is to look for companies that have this in their URL. Try this in Google (type into search box): allinurl: "free newsletter" (it will search any site that has this contained in the TITLE of the page).

4. Popups, popunders, popup blockers & search engines.

Traditional popups (yes, the annoying ones) are banned from search engines like Google. Therefore, smart marketers have come up with other means. They are called "popunders".

 Apply a page that "slides" onto your page, and have it appear after 5 seconds.
 Display this email form capture on all pages.
 Only show it once, and only repeat 2-3 days later (assuming they come back). Many of the email marketing systems include this feature for you.
 Annoying, but it works. I went from 5% signups a day a 75% increase overnight - only a few weeks ago.

5. Get the best and highest performing email service.

Don't skimp here. A few extra dollars a month can really save you a lot of headaches. We worked with one company that went from about 1,000 emails on their list, down to about 100 in 24 hours, (when they switched providers). They quickly realized that they had made a bad choice.

Here's what to consider initially:

 ASP hosted solutions are now connected with ISPs to ensure uptime/deliverability
 Desktop applications can work well for you, for example, Gamma Dyne Mailer:
 Autoresponse Plus, GetResponse, Aweber are a good place to start reviewing options.

Make sure you have:

 Working unsubscribe
 Be careful where you get the lists
 Avoid fraudulent subject lines
 Include postal address, phone, privacy policy
 Porn must be identified in subject line (SEXUALLY EXPLICIT)
 Opt-out lists, including 'double-opt-in' (user must click to approve the email)

6. Test, test & track, track.

Here's how to do it:

 Test the campaigns with A/B Split test tactics - specifically on subject line and ad copy, it can help improve newsletter and pages immensely. (A/B refers to capability of serving up different content or ads, or headlines, sections on your page and campaign - that can be tracked)

 Tracking conversions from email blasts (cookies and JavaScript and beacons on landing pages, thank you pages, etc)

 Good reporting and database segmentation to section off to demographics, recency, frequency, sales totals

7. How often to send? How about text size (content)?


Daily if you have a good "alert" system (ex: Google alerts) - this will not make sense for most companies. CNN news alerts are ok though.

Once a week.

Weekly ok if you have a strong listener base, and compelling content.

Once a month.

Monthly probably best for most small businesses. Overall - you want to retain "mindshare" - so they don't forget you, but still not too much "in their face".

8. Auto-responders.

Auto responders are a fantastic and simple way to turn your business on automated 24x7 attendance. Use them, learn them and build your list and responsiveness from this feature alone. Your list will grow, which you will use for future mailings and offers. Auto-responders are software systems that allow for total automation of messaging.

9. What other technical issues should I review?

Check spelling, graphics, relative links, use the free software XENU to get amazingly detailed reports. The Webmaster reports at the bottom of one of their reports provide a lot of good detail, perfect for executive overview.

About the author: Jon Rognerud is a recognized authority on the subject of SEO and Internet Marketing, and has spent over 10 years developing websites and marketing solutions for companies like Overture and Yahoo. His site,, provides a wealth of informative search marketing articles and more..

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