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The Smooth History Of Silk Lingerie

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Author: Jason Mark Hulott

Silk has a long history, beginning in the Far East. It was harvested with the silk that silkworms create and made into all sorts of different types of clothing. Silk was at one point so expensive that only rich people could afford it. Not so anymore. It has become widespread, and most people will find silk lingerie at their nearest department store.

Silk lingerie is valued for its softness and shiny appearance. It has many variations, and is sometimes known as charmeuse or chiffon. No man-made material properly emulates silk, but fabrics like rayon copy the properties. Rayon is popular because it can be machine washed. Rayon is also valued for its other properties. Unlike silk, rayon doesn't hold in heat. This makes it popular in hot and humid climates. Still, rayon is not a completely natural fabric, and doesn't hold the high-esteem that silk does.

Even though it has beauty beyond compare, lingerie made from silk is not easy to care for. It demands special attention. Silk lingerie cannot be washed in detergent. It cannot be bleached either, because bleach is too harsh for the fibers. Washing by hand is the best way to keep the fabric looking new. Just use lukewarm water. Do not twist a silk garment, for it is easy to misshape. Rinse to remove the soap and lay to dry. Make sure you look on the tag for washing instructions. Some newer silks are sturdy enough to withstand a wash cycle.

Silk lingerie is usually embellished with lace or ribbon. This adds a feminine touch as well as an extra treat for the eyes. It can be found online and in local stores. An online specialty shop might offer better prices. Bricks and mortar stores have to pay monthly rental and insurance. Because of this, they cannot afford to lower their prices. Most online lingerie shops can afford to sell their pieces for a lower price, because the sellers sell directly from their apartments or homes. This doesn't mean to say that online shops are always cheaper. Small shop-owners don't always buy in large quantities. This is because much of their business is buy-on-demand. The owner of a physical location may buy in larger quantities to save money, since suppliers will offer a discount for bulk purchases.

Lingerie made of silk looks exotic. It forms to the body loosely. Its shiny texture appeals visually, and the feel is soft and smooth. Silky lingerie comes in so many different styles, including everything from the short camisoles to the teddies and longer negligees. It has always been the romantic choice; now that it is affordable for everyone, silk has become the standard in lingerie wear.

When buying silk lingerie, take a good look at the price. If it seems too low, read the label. Some lingerie sold as silk is actually satin. Silk is shiny on both sides. Satin is shiny on one side and dull on the other. This is due to differences in the manufacturing processes between the two. Study the fabric. Are there any rips or tears in it? Does it have any thin spots? Silk is valuable. It will last a long time if it is properly taken care of. Like other things taken from nature, silk deserves our respect and attention.

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