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The Science Behind Male Menopause

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Author: Nelson Howe

Once a man is in his mid-forties, he will eventually start to be concerned on the next stage of life, which is death. As a result, his apprehension of being next among those he knew who have passed away will eventually lead to several symptoms of which is often times referred to as "mid-life crisis". This particular phase in a man's life is called male menopause or medically known as "andropause".

Loss of energy and fluctuation of man's virility level are just some of the most notable indicator of andropause. This is because of the alteration of the production of male sex hormones. Generally, this problem occurs to a man during the age of 45 up to 55.

Actually, andropause are two distinct stages that occur among males and are most of the time considered as one. As a matter of fact, mid-life crisis and andropause are associated with each other because mid-life crisis occurs to men between the ages of 35-45 years, which is before the andropause phase.

On the other hand, andropause may occur early depending on the person will respond to his mid-life crisis; and may also be delayed if that particular person maintains a healthy and active lifestyle.

Another symptom of andropause is the irregular loss of vitality. Meaning that particular person may be more irritable, significant loss of sex drives and the most notable is depression. Though most people consider these occurrences as normally caused by aging. In the field of medicine, andropause had become a disorder rather than a normal phase in a man's life. That is why medical science is constantly finding ways to solve this problem.

The predicament that usually occurs in a man's life called andropause is not inherited nor is it natural to all men. That is because, unlike menopause - a predicament that occurs on women on the same of the same age andropause can be avoided and treated.

Stress is also one of the major factors that trigger andropause. Psychological stress and physical stress can lead to too much alcohol intake in the body and cigarette consumption. They can greatly aggravate the symptoms of andropause.

Usually, the result of malnutrition or nutritional deficiency of the man's body can lead to andropause. Symptoms such as nervousness, memory loss and low sex drive could be attributed to normal aging or shortage of chromium.

However, not all men can experience the effects of andropause. Such crisis is considered by some as an insult to a male body. That is why, having a healthy lifestyle is the main weapon in order to avoid or minimize the effects of male menopause.

About the author: Nelson Howe is a writer for, where you get information on the truth, dealing, and treating it.

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