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The Road To Success – A Pep Talk

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Author: Scott Lindsay

I can get excited about online marketing because I know that when used properly it can help change lives.

Everyday I hear of dreams people have for business. In some cases these individuals want a magical five-step plan to get them going, but it simply doesn't exist.

If you have a dream then you know the desire for easy answers. You'd like to be able to say that your dream has a 100% chance of success, but you just don't know so you sit back and let the idea simmer while you begin to embrace the possibility that it will remain nothing more than a dream.

Many will tell me that they would move forward, but they are just no good at marketing. I will state this once and the rest is up to you, "Hogwash." Was that harsh?

The truth is marketing is a learnable skill that is not dependent on intuition or some genetic predisposition although many respond to marketing as if it were something you are either born with or not.

What's more, I have never encountered one singular source where every answer can be found in regards to marketing. There are many great sources of information, but they will not likely answer every question you encounter.

This is why it is important for you to research various marketing ideas. Explore the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and find out what type of additional advertising might work best for your situation.

I can promise you that your business is either doomed to failure or minimal success if you refuse to learn marketing skills for online business.

I know that for some there is already an innate fear of the computer, but as Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." You can learn the skills you need to succeed online. The question is, do you want to succeed?

Are you willing to invest in the dream that burns within you? Do you have a fighting instinct that will move you forward when it would be so easy to abandon the idea as too difficult?

Be willing to boldly ask others about what they went through on their path to success. You will find they encountered great difficulties, but the only way through those times was to keep walking. To retreat meant absolute defeat.

The struggle to give a dream life is not unlike the struggle a butterfly has in their fight to emerge from a cocoon. The extreme work it takes the butterfly seems almost cruel to observe, yet if they did not have the work out that went along with emerging their wings would not function correctly and they would never be able to fly.

Struggle will always be a part of any success story. Difficulties will always dog the man or woman who attempts to do something with their dreams. Some will argue it can't be done and it will be easy to believe them, but don't. Don't give in, never give up, always keep reaching.

After it is your dream - fight for it.

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