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The Right Way and Wrong Way To Go About Finding A New Job

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Author: Bill Cotter

There are only two ways to go about searching for a job in an over saturated market, the wrong way and the right way.

Are you Sending your resume to every job on the planet? Are you letting employers know that you will take any job? I hate to break it to you that this is the wrong way.

The best way is simple, network. Meet face to face with employers and make sure you are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the organization. The world wide web is a good place to start. Do the research on the products, information and marketing style of the company. Businesses are looking for an expert, not a desperate job seeker.

If you are having a hard time getting in front of employers then consider a job fair. Here is a chance for individuals to meet face to face with employers. Target certain employers and go and meet with them.

At a job fair go up to employers and tell them that their job offer matches what you want to do and have your qualifications ready to back that up. Tell the employer you've done a little research and begin to ask questions to open up a conversation. Stay away from yes no questions. Remember these employers are going to see hundreds of job seekers. You must be rememberable.

Better than a job fair is to talk to your friends and previous co-workers. Find out what job openings the know about and what they recommend you focus on in your resume. This is the best way to get your foot in the door.

No matter what your personality is you need to put yourself out in the open. Make sure and ask the question to everybody you can, "are you hiring?". If they say no then ask, "do you know who is?". Strike up conversations, talk about your skill sets, and be personable.

It's important to stay positive in a time that is easy to be negative. With the economy and the doom and gloom that is constantly being fed to the public this can be very difficult. Things have a way of working out. Do what you feel is right and focus on the positive news in the media. Be hopeful and make sure you bring hope to others. Attitudes are contagious and no employer wants to catch a bad or negative attitude. By realistic and don't be positive in a fake way. Find genuine things to be positive about and separate yourself from the negative things if possible.

Often times hardships are what help individuals develop their biggest strengths. Find what strengths you need to develop during this difficult time and then develop them. Many of the most successful people in the world had to fail first before they succeeded. They take what they learn from hard times and they make something out of it. Focus on learning, but more importantly focus on doing what you are learning.

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