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The Real Scoop on Atex Approved Vacuum Cleaners

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Author: Dean Iggo

Whether you have heard the phrase used or not, do you know what an Atex approved vacuum cleaner is? The truth is that most people don't, but with a little information you will not only understand the term, but also why it is important. Here is the real scoop on Atex approved vacuum cleaners so that you are up to speed.

What is Atex?

When something is said to be Atex approved, that means it has passed certain Eurpean requirements for equipment to be used in an environment or atmosphere that is potentially explosive. In 2003, it became mandatory for products used in such situations. What Atex does, is pay closer attention to the non-electrical hazards that may need attention when it comes to explosion issues.

What Do Atex Approved Vacuum Cleaners Have to do With Anything

There are times when a vacuum cleaner must be used in an explosive environment. For instance, a pharmaceutical or chemical plant may need to be cleaned. There can potentially be hazardous materials in the air that would need to be taken into account with any equipment used. So, in such a place, an Atex approved vacuum cleaner would be the best choice. Similarly, oil rigs and even aircraft maintenance facilities would need such vacuum cleaners as well.

How Do Places Choose Their Vacuums?

Obviously, then, if you have a facility with any danger of explosion, you want an Atex approved vacuum. How do the places choose the right one, though? The choice of which Atex approved vacuum cleaner to use is not as easy as running down to the local discount store and talking to a salesman. When dealing with dangerous situations and materials, a site survey of some sort usually needs to be done. Someone would come to the customer location, assess the dangers and needs, then make a recommendation as to which vacuum cleaner would be best.

Atex vacuum cleaners are not for your home, but they are certainly a necessity. With the knowledge above, you now have a better understanding of what they really are for. In the future when you hear that a vacuum is Atex approved, you will know exactly what is going on.

About the author: Dean Iggo is the webmaster of which provides top vacuum cleaner ratings and reviews including Hoover, Dyson, Roomba, Dirt Devil, Oreck, Kirby and more.

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